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    Z, it is interesting what route you are taking. When I was in your shoes PhDs were getting the CC tenured slots. And if you wanted part time for PhD forget. Glad things have changed.

    Remember can teach ANY course in the course catalog. You just have to be 1 chapter ahead of your students!!!
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      University employment is undergoing a transformation. More and more Ph.D's are getting adjunct or guest lecturer positions, tenure is a dying position. But they are still Ph.D's so they are usually steered towards the actual major/minor sin the field. Professors with M.A.'s get the gen-ed courses. UCA which is typical for a public university pays 40K for 4 courses a semester (winter/spring/summer).

      I could make more at a community college by taking on more classes but UCA actually has some slight regard for quality instruction lol. Some professors at the local community colleges will take on 6-7 classes a semester.


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        Originally posted by zraver View Post
        My degree is final- MS in History with an Honors minor from the University of Central Arkansas. I enter the masters program there this fall with a major focus of American history with a non-western minor focus.
        Lord help us!


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          Congratulations Z - it must be a great feeling having all the hard work pay off. What are your plans career wise once you have the masters? History studies at a tertiary level are on my "to do" list once I hang up my badge.
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            I saw Jonathan Spence ("In Search of Modern China" author) a couple of days ago, talking about his career path. He wanted to be a novelist, but realized he didn't have anything to say. Got hooked on China and in the early 1960s got access to original writings by Emperor Kangxi (in Taiwan). He then realized that his ticket was writing Chinese history from that perspective. By happen chance, he came across a library collection that included a court case about a murdered woman in Shandong province. Since he was looking for an opposite perspective from Kangxi, he grabbed that and wrote The Death of Woman Wang.

            Great insight into one of the greatest China scholars of the late 20th century.
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              Originally posted by zraver View Post
              Sure are a lot of history majors on the lower socio-economic rungs of society... Hence the specialty in American history and a masters program to try and tap into the one part of the history profession that is hiring- community colleges and adjunct proffessorships to teach American Nation/History 1 and 2. Non-western minor focus will be on Africa and Latin America to prepare me to be able to teach minority students at colleges in areas that are harder to recruit professors for like the Mississippi Delta region.
              You actually WANT to go to an under served area ?

              Very noble. Congrats Z.