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  • This meme dates back to 2009

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    • Originally posted by YellowFever View Post
      Three men in Heaven...

      Three men, having died of various reasons, go to heaven and faces god.

      God says, "you three have been very good on earth. How do you wish to be rewarded in heaven?"

      The first guy says, "See, lord, I've never had awesome, raunchy sex with numerous women before, can you oblige?"

      "No problem", God says. He waves his hands and a door appears and when the guy opens in, he sees inside dozens of the most beautiful women on earth, all naked and obviously wanting the guy.

      "You shall be in there for 100 years to do whatever you desire!" God proclaims and locks the guy into the room for 100 years.

      The second guy say, "That's great, God! But, you know, I always wanted to drink the best booze in the world without interference from anybody, can you help me?"

      "No problem", God says again. He waves his hands and a door appears and when the second guy opens it, he sees jugs and jugs of the best booze on earth.

      "You shall be locked in there for 100 years to drink as much as you want!" God proclaims and locks the second guy into his room.

      The third guy seeing this, is ecstatic.
      "God, I always wanted to smoke and smoke and smoke the best cigarettes on earth till I can't smoke anymore."

      "No problem" God says again and waves his hand.

      The third guy opens a door and he is literally ecstatic to see thousands of cartons of Marloboro Lights, Red, Camel, Kool, Benson &Hedges and every other kinds of cigarette on earth.

      "You shall be locked up in there for 100 years to smoke as much as you like!" God, proclaims and locks him in the room.....


      100 years later God opens the first door and the guy inside is literally spent. He barely crawls out and smiles to God and says, "Thankyou, Lord, I am the happiest man on earth.

      God opens the second door and the guy crawls out, obviously drunk out of his mind. He crawls to god and says, "Hick..Thankyou Lord, you have made me the*hick* happiest man on earth.

      So God is happy.

      He walks to the third door, and opens it.
      The third man looks at God and says, "By the way, God, do you have some matches????"
      Yella!!!! long time no see!!!! :-)


      • On a similar note ...

        The Good News is The Lord is Coming!
        The Bad News? He is not a happy camper ...
        Trust me?
        I'm an economist!


        • Originally posted by texasjohn View Post

          Yella!!!! long time no see!!!! :-)
          Great reentry!!!
          “Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”
          Mark Twain