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  • Comment i picked out from the video linked

    Imagine being a farmer and one day the air force stands in front of your door saying "yeah we accidentally dropped a nuke on your cow sorry about that"


    • Scotsman Irishman and a German were in a pub ! Usually theres an Englishman but he is still at the euro 2020s


      • ‘Take this woman home!’: Afghan journalist Zahra Nabi on how she experienced chivalry, Taliban style | ITV | Aug 20 2021


        • Chris at her sarcastic best

          Taking the Short Bus To Paradise

          Mullah Baradar had to attend to a serious personnel problem, which required his immediate return to Afghanistan. Pakistan’s—er um the Taliban’s—war with the feckless Americans was at an inflection point. Again. For the thirty-eighth time in twenty years. Baradar, resentful and truculent, lumbered towards the hujra.

          “La hawla wala Quwwata! When I was a fighting the Soviets, did I complain? No. I fought in flipflops. In the snow. Having climbed up the mountains and down again. These Gen X mujahideen are not worth the oil my favorite bacchebaaz puts in his hair,” he muttered louder than was prudent.

          Though he resented Akhundzada’s laze and penchant for luxury, Baradar shouldered this responsibility with aplomb. He departed his functional yet commodious office in Doha for district Deh Rahwood, in Oruzgan province (or his paternal “shithole,” as his hero Sardar Trump would say) to convene an emergency shura of sub-commanders and some of their aspiring, yet apparently agitating, suicide bombers.

          “Brothers! I understand from our bigger and more important brothers in Pakistan that many of you are terribly upset. I am sorry that Brother Akhundzada could not make it. I am sure he is quite busy killing kafirs! He must be sending you prayers that you too dispatch kafirs to hell after this meeting, which he thought should have been an SMS. But I am here. Please, my brothers, our fight with the American infidels has reached another inflection point according to Fox News, CNN, the BBC and those other absurd shows that pass for news in the lands of the kafir.

          Mawlawi Mohammed Qais, the head of the Taliban’s military commission in Laghman Province, spoke first. “Sir! The infidels have told our boys that the suicide bombers cannot have sex with the houris in heaven as their penises will be vaporized in the blast. We have made a sacred promise to our ambitious martyrs that, in heaven, they may disport with the countless maidens who have not been touched by man or djinn! It is written in the Quran, Alhamdullilah!



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            • Got to move this to the top...

              A man takes his wife to a rodeo in Montana. While there the couple went to see breeding bulls. At the first pen a sign informed the public that this bull mated 50 times last year. The wife said that is once a week. Moving on to the second pen the sign said that this bull mated 120 times last year. The wife nudges her husband and says that is twice a week. You could learn from him. At the third pen the sign says that this particular bull mated 365 times last year. The wife was so impressed she almost broke her husbands rib when she poked him and said that is once a day. The husband upon hearing this said why not go over and ask him if it was the same cow.