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Weapons Find in East Germany

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  • Weapons Find in East Germany

    At Castle Senftenberg in East Germany the so far largest historic weapons cache of that state has been uncovered.

    The over 100 weapons found include rifles, machine guns, anti-tank rockets and grenades from WW2, with some weapons dated back to WW1 and some to pre-1900. Also found were sabres and other bladed weapons as well as ammunition.

    The state they're in makes it more of an interesting puzzle of what's what though.
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    I can definitely make out a MG34, MG42, MP40 among the weapons, possibly some old G88 rifles (from 1888) and among the ammo some pre-1905 round-nosed 8x57"I" rounds.

    Castle Senftenberg was used as an accomodation building in WW2, but near the end given up and handed over without a fight. It is assumed that the weapons cache was either buried by German soldiers wanting to get rid of them for fear of repercussions, or by the Red Army that took the castle afterwards.