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    Originally posted by Bigfella View Post

    Also keep in mind that Ne Win in Burma & Sukarno both toyed with socialism, and in Sukarno's case co-opted elements within the communist movement. The attempted uprising that led to the destruction of the communists in Indonesia was in part an attempt to 'save' Sukarno from the growing influence of the military & non-communists.

    In Malaya the British (and Australians of course ;) ) were vital, but so was the fact that the communist movement was overwhelmingly Chinese. This instantly limited its potential reach. Malays didn't need much convincing to help the Brits.
    Absolutely, Pete. And I understand the political spectrum to understand that socialism is not the same as communism...Sukarno was successful in suborning the communist party within his country which helped.

    As for Malaya it really wasn't a civil war because of the very reason you point out. The fact the folks revolting were native Chinese made it a very easy task to win over the Malays to the cause.
    “Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”
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