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How Repairable is Your Mobile Device?

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  • How Repairable is Your Mobile Device?

    Which companies phones, tabs and laptops are the easiest to repair and which are not.

    Am a big fan of replaceable batteries on phones just because it makes battery life a non issue.

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    The truth is each and every phone has a replaceable battery - it's only a matter of how easy it is to get to it.

    As for the chart - I'm surprised that the Google phones have such bad repairability score.


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      The ones made by huawei & HTC are harder to repair than by LG. Maybe you're thinking of those, Nexus 4, 5, 5x were by LG.

      By replaceable i mean swap out, restart and back in under a minute. No power bank. There is also the option of extended batteries which can become bulky


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        "Repairability" is a relative term.

        For example Dell ultrabook-sized laptops (which probably are the 7 score above) need around 60 (!) steps - removing and reattaching screws, unhooking and reattaching cables etc - just to replace the HDD/SSD, taking a minimum of 15 minutes. On a worktime efficiency tradeoff professional repair tends to become not worthwhile with these dimensions.


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          Vice a glued up unit that makes a simple repair infeasible ? things break, do we throw out an entire product because of less repairability ?

          If the phone is bought on contract then a replacement will be provided by the operator. They write off the return. If its contract free you're on your own

          Number of steps isn't a concern to the consumer its a pro's job and the question is can it be repaired or not and whether affordable


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            Generally speaking, any device can be repaired as long as the manufacturer releases the schematics. If a device is popular, the manufacturer releases it at a price(repair companies pool together the money). If the device is unpopular(didn't sell many units), the manufacturer does not see any incentive to withold the schematics and releases it in the corner.

            Apple is notorious for not releasing schematics. They would rather have you approach the service centre to get their device repaired. Even at the apple service centre, the instruction for the employee in the service manual is to change the MLB(main logic board).

            Narrowing down a bad component on a pcb can take several hours even if you have the schematics. If the pcb has a short, most repairmen won't even touch it for weeks.

            Mainboard repair is a dying art, especially pcbs based on smd. Technicians todays simply replace the whole board. Thankfully, SMPS power supply repair has still not died.


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              Originally posted by anil View Post
              Generally speaking, any device can be repaired as long as the manufacturer releases the schematics...



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                I got an iPhone 8 and screen changing charged from me 1/3 of the iPhone's price.