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    When you are playing your "No, No! Shoot them all down!" games, do you find yourself often going for armor/infantry tactics in that you go for spots that enable you to shoot at him when he is all exposed while you are mostly under cover?

    If so, do you think it's a factor of what you have learned for real or just what you have learned to win the game? A factor of both? Maybe the game is teaching you?
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    Originally posted by SnowLeopard View Post
    When you are playing your "No, No! Shoot them all down!" games, do you find yourself often going for armor/infantry tactics in that you go for spots that enable you to shoot at him when he is all exposed while you are mostly under cover?
    Um...yeah, guilty

    I guess it's a bit "cowardly" given that it's a game and not real life and therefore more innovative and "gamesman-like" tactics ought to be used...

    ...but I find myself using real-world tactics that preserve my digitized forces as much as possible, even when it would be quicker, though a bit more costly, to simply go Straight Up The Middle.

    On the rare occasions I play against a human player, my favorite tactics involve throwing him off balance with harassing attacks, attempting to rattle him by tossing a spoiling attack at the right moment.

    In short, following Sun-Tzu's maxims that we've all heard a million times:

    If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him.
    If he is in superior strength, evade him.
    If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him.
    Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.
    If he is taking his ease, give him no rest.
    If his forces are united, separate them.
    If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them.
    Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

    The most wonderful thing about taking on a human opponent is their inherent susceptibility to being rattled and bluffed. :)
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      I find that the machine is occassionally smart about these things. There are times when in I am playing sniper that it seems to set up a gauntlet. An enemy infront of me with a big bad weapon shoos me down a chute......where others are waiting in turn.

      Fortunally, like in the Arab-Israeli wars, they usually don't stay allied for long.

      Of course, as a sniper, I try to stay to the high ground and not long in place anywhere.
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        No, that's what the people who beat me do. Except when I'm playing Legendary on Halo, then that's the only way to survive more than two seconds. Stupid jackals.
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          Depends on the game.

          SPWAW- lots of artillery to smother dismounted enemy infantry and force the tank commanders to button up. Then use the high velocity cannon to kill as many enemy tanks as I can. M16 AAA half tracks or Sdkfz-7/1 AAA halftracks in the anti-infantry role to break up concentrations of enemy infantry. Motorcycle troops to slip past the enemy and hunt his artillery.

          Megamek- 1. use fast jumping mediums and heavies 5/8/5 or better 6/9/6 preferred as the minimum with 7/11/7+ being ideal. With a 7/11/7 walk. run/jump speed km/h and meters terrain is not an obstacle but an ally. When I win initiative I can slash in and concentrate on an enemies weak side. When I lose init I can jump out and land in cover or behind blocking terrain. For weapons pulse lasers with the to hit bonus are preferred. They do less damage individually but the number of hits adds up. Plus the more you hit, the better a chance of a floating critical hit being made. The combination of positive movement modifiers and hit bonuses can really stack the deck in my favor. A lot of people don't like fighting a jump/pulse army because if its done right its just about unbeatable, and it takes a long time to lose. Its like the Mongols vs the Poles/Hungarians. Its even worse if your using Clan instead of Inner Sphere tech but not using the Clan ROE and can mass fire on a single target instead of a bunch of individual duals.

          Along with that are other cheesy tactics like blocking. For example, my unit #5 is not my main fighter, but can get to hex 2122 where I think the enemy wants to put his main unit. Chances are he will move that unit last to buy it as much freedom as possible (reacting to others instead of other reacting to it). By taking his prime spot he has to go somewhere else

          Or the bait and switch, I rotate what units he has a shot at to keep my opponent attacking fresh armor, while I concentrate on one unit to begin building a numerical advantage and thus skewing the initiative curve.

          One tactic I don't use and dislike is wall hugging. Games are poor simulators in the fact that they do not have floating maps and the artificial boundaries can be used to shield a damaged units rear or sides.