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19" standard LCD vs. 22" widescreen

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  • 19" standard LCD vs. 22" widescreen

    Has anybody here owned both? I'm considering purchasing a 22" widescreen LCD monitor to replace my 19" standard LCD. Is it a worthwhile upgrade? How do they compare to one another with browsing, applications, gaming, and so on?
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    My cousin had a 17' and then a19' and finally a 22' widescreen this year.
    IMO, not worth it, try for 24 or up or go the whole hog and get a 32' lcd tv and be done.
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      I've been agonizing over that switch myself for about a year now...

      I'm currently using a 19" standard by Acer that I picked for a song via NewEgg probably 3-4 years ago, haven't had a moments trouble with ever (well, it seemed for awhile that I had a few dead pixels but I sure can't find them now for some reason...self-fixing pixels?)

      The boss at my last job had a 22" widescreen that I was keenly interested in getting, but I couldn't justify the cost...and I sure can't justify it now :(
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