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Most Innovative Video Game System?

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    It has to be the Wii, as its is motion sensitive and the controls are brilliant.


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      Isn't the Wii supposed to be filled with crappy games?


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        P S 2 was good in its time . I hope to take delivery of one soon .;) But i have not seen the wii in action as yet .A pub in Barrow has Wii nights , must go look see .


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          It's the original X Box actually. Here's why:

          While the Nintendo Wii controller is innovative, the system itself is last gen. The games are a mass of mediocrity and a few standouts.

          The Xbox, the first one, introduced something taht has changed console gaming forever. That something was "Xbox live". Now while downloading demos and videos was common on the Pc, for consoles, this was new. This was entirely new, and many of the "console only" gamers loved it. As more and more people subscribed to Xbox live, they discovered the joys of playing online, and with a headset at that. The first game to do this flawlessly, was Halo 2. When Halo 2 landed, masses of people were connecting to play with one another flawlessly, and with near perfect voice communication. As XBL continues, virtually every game I own is playable online, has downloadable content, or a demo to try. In addition, it has expanded to allow some "quirky" yet very cool games called "x box live arcade" to be purchased cheap. Some older games with a remake, some entirely new, and many very, very good.

          Nintendo Wii as a system didn't do anything. The controller is cool, but it's a gimmick. I can game without a TV remote for a game controller. I hate to game without X box live. The fact nobody else voted for the original X box is surprising, but this place isn't a heavy gamer forum :p

          Honorable mention to the original Playstation. It introduced CD format and FMV cutscenes, as well as dual analog.


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            my choice isn't here

            it should be the GAME BOY

            it introduced the idea of portable gaming with it's portability and popularized Tetris, one of the first "casual games". in doing so, it really brought gaming our of the arcades and living rooms into everyday life.


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              Well, imo, It's a tie between the PS1 and the Xbox. The PS1 introduced a marvelous controller, cd's, and decent 3d graphics. the N64 did 1 of those things, and although it's controller was good, the ps1 controller is STILL being used. I chose the Xbox because of it's unrivaled online play. It introduced superb online capability to the console audience, pissing of pc gamers everywhere. Hell, Xbox 1 online is better than freakin PS3 online, and the wii's is horrible.
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