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Pioneer VSX-33TX Receiver Problem

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  • Pioneer VSX-33TX Receiver Problem

    Powered off last night, now try to power back on, red light comes on and I can hear the circuit "snap" normally, but no function display and no functionality.

    I've tried unplugging for several seconds and restarting, no change.

    This happened once right after I bought the thing back in 2001 and I took it in for repair then - has worked like a charm ever since.

    Anyone here a Pioneer afficionado? Am I shopping for a new receiver today instead of a new grill?


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    So I give in to my impatience and pick up a replacement, VSX1017-TXV-K. A fresh return that has been "inspected" and returned to the floor. I've always had good luck with these types of items before and saved $120 to boot.

    But on this one I can't get the Setup display menu to appear on my TV, which could, I guess, be my problem. But the LD/DVD channel appears to be either dead or unselectable, so I have to bring it back in anyway.

    I hate electronics. And I'm tired of being stuck with snakey multiheads for my cabling. These guys need to get their acts in gear and develop a single-plug system that's as good as component video cables. Years ago I got sucked into the S-Video thingie but now I guess S-video sucks. Is coax good? Optical?



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      Sorry I can't help you Dale, but I feel your pain. I wish you good luck and I hope your electronic troubles will soon be in the past.
      Removing a single turd from the cesspool doesn't make any difference.


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        Originally posted by dalem View Post
        ....These guys need to get their acts in gear and develop a single-plug system that's as good as component video cables. Years ago I got sucked into the S-Video thingie but now I guess S-video sucks. Is coax good? Optical?

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          Originally posted by highsea View Post
          TV is too old. 57" Sony I got back in 2001 when I built my home theater.

          I love my TV. :)



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            second best after hdmi, is component in, (red blue green)(pr, y, pb) it is capable of 1080 hd signal, i have my hd hooked not thru hdmi, but component, it does require sound in, so it is 5 wires.
            if the wire is 1-2 feet long, you can use regular rca(white, red, yellow, just mark plugs for diff. color) instead of expencive cable, i tryed expencive once, i saw 0 difference. maybe it matters on long runs, but on short one, it,ll work just as good.
            coax will never give you good pic(good i mean, better than strongest antenna signal), optical, i have not seen optical video out on consumer tv,s, there are planty of optical audio thou, also there is a digital out for sound,it looks like rca.
            2001 tv 99,9% has component in,

            unless you got hd signal, none of other inputs(hdmi, s video, component..) will show better pic than coax. by better i mean a lot better, really noticable.
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              Thanks! Component video and red/white cable pairs will remain my cable sof choice then.

              I took it back to the store today and got a valuable lesson. The reason my DVD channel output wasn't producing sound was not because it was broken, but because I had inadvertantly switched on "Multichannel Input" and I am not using multichannel speakers, whatever they are (they have their own separate plug park on the crowded backplate). So the guy at the store showed me the error of my ways there. For his trouble I picked up a set of banana plugs for my speaker wires - I'm tired of twisting that sh*t in while laying on my back with a flashlight in one hand anyway.

              One good thing that came out of all this is that I got the vacuum back there behind the TV for the first time in half a decade.


              As an interim I pulled my old Sony receiver (circa about 1994 I think) up from the basement and hooked a speaker pair into those. Hard to believe how complex the receivers are now as compared to then.

              And you know, in RA Heinlein's Have Space Suit, Will Travel, the main character has to trek across a moonscape and is griping about how hard it is to get to the oxygen tanks on his back to switch them out. He has a nice little rant on how everything on a space suit needs to be controlled from the front, even if it's on the back, because if you're alone you can't get to those things. Similarly, I will rain praise and plaudits upon the first man who invents some kind of flip plate plug thingie that allows you to pull all the component and speaker wires and plug them into the front or side of the receiver, then rotates cleanly out of the way so the resultant ugly plug park is hidden in the back.