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Navy patents "inertial mass reduction" technology, other miracle tech 2018

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  • Navy patents "inertial mass reduction" technology, other miracle tech 2018

    I did a quick search here on this site for this news article and didn't find it already posted. The lack of major outlet reporting on this has let it fall on deaf ears. This was news over a year ago as the patent was granted on 4DEC2018 (applied for in 2016).

    Here's a link to the patent -

    So, basically this technology is used in triangle formed craft, the ones that look like those ufos and I'm sure you could use this in a disc, although don't quote me on that. Other parallel patents include a so-called "free energy" device that uses 1000kw to power it and its output is 20x greater than the worlds most powerful nuclear power plant. Don't believe it? Neither do I. But the proof is there. I'm waiting for civilians to build these things but nothing as of yet.

    Why did the Navy declassify and patent this tech? Apparently to beat China to the publishing rights because whoever publishes first gets paid royalties for using the plans.

    Anyone else hear of this? Did it slide under your radar too? They sure were quiet about this.
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