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Global Warming...Fact or Fiction?

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  • Ok. I'll move on because obviously in your 'world' the last paragraph of every article or book you've ever read is always what the story is about.
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    If you are emotionally invested in 'believing' something is true you have lost the ability to tell if it is true.


    • Let's see, who could possibly tell me none of this current trend is true. That it is just a mis-interpretation of data and the conclusion is completely and totally wrong. Just look at who issued the report. It was those flakes at the U.N. 'nuff said.


      • Signed up just to answer in this topic.
        GW would be a problem but not for our generation.
        Check this list of myths and facts about GW


        • Global Warming is just like human body trying to overdo exercise.
          When you try to running or carrying something big & heavy, first it will be easy, but later your body will tell you that stop, if not then your body part will get damaged.
          Same as Global Warming, humans are working and creating too much toxic artificial chemicals => will lead to earthquake, volcano eruption in near future !


          • Clomate change and/or global warming is supported by more than 90% of the scientific community and is rejected by a small number of scientists. The scientists on the con side are almost exculsively paid hacks of the petroleum industry or have not had their opinions peer reviewed.

            Those are the facts.

            Therefore, as a lay person with no real professional knowledge on the question, I'll side with the scientific community.
            To choose otherwise would be the equivalent of watching a duck swim and trying to argue that they don't swim.


            • Global warming is a 50/50 mixture of junk science amd bovine excreta!


              • Originally posted by Old Codger39 View Post
                Global warming is a 50/50 mixture of junk science amd bovine excreta!
                Another science expert, LOL. Gotta love them for they know not what they talk about...


                • Get back to me when ice melts at MINUS 20C.

                  Until then.....



                  • Originally posted by Old Codger39 View Post
                    Get back to me when ice melts at MINUS 20C.

                    Until then.....


                    Not ever going to as science experts, like medical experts and flat earthers are not worth the time or trouble...


                    • Some alarmists predictions that failed to pan out.


                      • The year of peak green bullshit
                        Greta, Prince Harry and Extinction Rebellion took the eco-cult to new heights of madness.
                        2019 was the most extraordinary year of green bullshit yet. Despite the planet being a wealthier, healthier and safer place than it was when fears of global warming first appeared on the political agenda in the 1980s – and despite the failure of more than half a century of green prognostications – crazy and destructive green ideas still dominate politics.

                        Royal hypocrisy
                        In 2019, green doublespeak went mainstream. Harry and Meghan had intended to ‘eco-signal’ by warning us about climate change. At the same time, they were hopping on private jets to stay in luxury villas. Despite attempts by some celebrities to defend the royal couple from criticism, newspapers across the world pointed out that actions speak louder than words. What Harry and Meghan’s royal hypocrisy showed was that elite environmentalism is less about saving the planet than about telling people how to live and to know their place.

                        Greta and the school strikes
                        The only truly new thing that has emerged over the past year or so has been the phenomenon of Greta Thunberg and her school-strike movement. For years, the ‘green blob’ network of campaigning organisations, corporations, academics and UN agencies has fantasised about mobilising the young as a political force. After pumping billions of children full of green propaganda, a climate avatar has arrived in the form of the Swedish truant-cum-activist. There could be no doubting the sincerity of the teen who bore the emotional scars inflicted on her by the movement that she was to lead – she had been so traumatised by green propaganda that she had not spoken, not eaten and had refused to go to school. Environmentalism is nothing if not a cult of self-harm.
                        Continues, trigger warning, contains right wing thinking.
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                        In the realm of spirit, seek clarity; in the material world, seek utility.



                        • Originally posted by surfgun View Post
                          Some alarmists predictions that failed to pan out.
                          Doesn't take a lot to tickle those neurons of yours does it? Well can I try and tickle them some with a couple of predictions. Maybe they are alarmist and maybe not but that is for you and Fox to decide.

                          1. By 2030 all cars sold in the U.S. will be electric.

                          2. By 2040 all gasoline cars will be outlawed for good never to be permitted on the roads again.

                          Now no laughing here as I am super duper serious here. Super, duper serious! Believe me no one knows more than me on the subject and I did the projections on my own with no help from any other source. On my own...

                          So I am counting on you to come back in 2030 to post how my far out prediction never came true. Counting on you. Tickle, tickle...

                          Trust me

                          I'm a scientist and a doctor

                          Yes, I shamelessly borrowed that from DOR, but it wasn't copyrighted, I don't owe a penny, so Ha...!


                          • Originally posted by surfgun View Post
                            Some alarmists predictions that failed to pan out.
                            WAPO, CNN, Reuters, even AP got caught

                            What is the reach of the first three ?

                            CNN is worldwide, its really hard to find a place some where on the planet where they cannot be had

                            Reuters gets syndicated loads and generally reliable. They do some whacko stuff from time to time.

                            WAPO is read widely as well

                            How many people can they influence, condition etc.

                            Surprised NYT didn't make the list.

                            Fox had no where the same coverage


                            • Battery powered automobiles are no panacea.


                              • Well if there is one sure fire way to shift the thinking on anything it is by the use of money. Well it looks like climate change is finally running into that as the world's largest asset manager is shifting focus to climate change affecting future profits and will now make it central to it's investment decisions.

                                NEW YORK (AP) — BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, will make climate change central to its investment decisions.

                                Founder and CEO Laurence Fink, who oversees the management of about $7 trillion in funds, said in his influential annual letter to CEOs Tuesday that he believes we are “on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance” because of a warming planet.

                                Climate change has become the top issue raised by clients, Fink said, and it will affect everything from municipal bonds to long-term mortgages for homes.

                                The New York firm is taking immediate action, exiting investments in coal used to generate power, and it will begin asking clients to disclose their climate-related risks.

                                “Because capital markets pull future risk forward, we will see changes in capital allocation more quickly than we see changes to the climate itself,” Fink wrote in the letter. “In the near future – and sooner than most anticipate – there will be a significant reallocation of capital.”

                                That shift is already underway.

                                Investors poured $20.6 billion into sustainable funds last year, nearly quadrupling the record it had set a year earlier, according to Morningstar. The industry has broadened in recent years, after starting with simple funds that bluntly excluded stocks deemed as harmful, such as gun makers or tobacco stocks.

                                Investors, particularly younger ones, increasingly say they want their money invested with an eye toward sustainability. Fearful of losing out on those dollars — and the fees that they produce — investment companies are rushing to meet the surging demand.

                                Fund managers increasingly say they consider environmental, social and governance issues in their broad investment strategy. It’s known as “ESG” investing in the industry, and it means fund managers measure a company’s performance on the environment and other sustainability issues along with its bottom-line financials when choosing which stocks to own.

                                ESG funds say such an approach can help investors’ returns, rather than just their consciences, because it can help avoid risky companies, and the big losses they may have ahead of them in the future. Companies with poor records on the environment are more likely to face big fines, for example.

                                The European Union plans to dedicate a quarter of its budget to tackling climate change and has set up a scheme to shift 1 trillion euros ($1.1 trillion) in investment towards making the economy more environmentally friendly over the next 10 years.

                                The Europe Investment Plan, to be unveiled Tuesday, will be funded by the EU budget and the private sector. It aims to deliver on European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen’s Green Deal to make the bloc the world’s first carbon-neutral continent by 2050.

                                The shift by BlackRock is substantial. The firm has long been a target of environmental activists who have staged protests outside of its headquarters in Midtown Manhattan. It has been hounded by some members of Congress who believe BlackRock could better address climate change with its vast economic heft.

                                Because of its size and reach, any shift in focus by BlackRock has the potential for much wider ramifications. The firm has operations in dozens of countries and is often called the world’s largest shadow bank.

                                “Over time, companies and countries that do not respond to stakeholders and address sustainability risks will encounter growing skepticism from the markets, and in turn, a higher cost of capital,” Fink wrote. “Companies and countries that champion transparency and demonstrate their responsiveness to stakeholders, by contrast, will attract investment more effectively, including higher-quality, more patient capital.”