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Justin Trudeau's excellent Indian adventure

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  • Buckle up folks, its time for Round 2

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    Guess the sikh gods did smile on you eh, Justin

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    Imagine the Indian foreign office is having fits about the prospect of your next trip over

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    Tricky part is figuring out which one's OOE from either side : D
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    • Trudeau - 157

      Scheer - 121

      Damn it! this was close...


      • Originally posted by Double Edge View Post
        Trudeau - 157

        Scheer - 121

        Damn it! this was close...
        We've got a friggin disaster on our hands. The NDP (extreme left) is now propping up a Liberal (only slightly less extreme left) minority government. The NDP would be demanding expensive (read new high taxes) programs in return for their support. Scheer had stated that a Liberal-NDP government would see a hike in our GST/HST (Canadian VAT). Would not be surprised at all. This is the same Trudeau who had said the budget will balance itself. We have been running on deficits ever since he came into power.


        • Then hiking GST is a sort of austerity but it targets everybody.

          Jagmeet is propping up Trudeau. Arrgh!!


          • O Canada, O Canada ......

            Holy crap even the UPA govt in 2013 denied a visa to this Jagmeet character !!

            A western rep has to be seriously undesirable to get the Indian govt to do that.

            Jagmeet's party posted its worst performance in 15 years yet it is the only party Trudeau can count on for support

            Wait...what ?

            Here he is dodging the question about the bomber from 2017 when he just took over as leader of the NDP

            Jagmeet Singh needs to get it straight on the Air India bombing: Jonathan Kay | CBC | Oct 19 2017

            Imagine for a moment if an American politician were asked about Osama Bin Laden, and her response was that she had no idea who was responsible for Sept. 11. She'd become instantly unelectable for dog catcher — no matter what her skin colour, or that of her interviewer. Even here in Canada, Sept. 11 conspiracy theorists have been forced out of politics, though the event was a primarily American tragedy.

            Yet here we have the leader of a national Canadian political party telling us he has no idea who orchestrated our own Sept. 11 — the 1985 bombing of Air India Flight 182 — and the response among many is to scold the interviewer for insensitivity. This is insane.

            The problem for Singh is that, whatever the motivations of Milewski (one of Canada's foremost journalistic experts on Flight 182), the NDP leader's responses were simply terrible. Yes, Singh delivered an eloquent denunciation of terrorist violence in general. But he pointedly refused to denounce those few extremists within Canada's Sikh community who persist in the glorification of Talwinder Singh Parmar, widely recognized as the mastermind behind the bombing.

            When asked specifically about Parmar, Singh said this: "I don't know who's responsible [for the bombing] but I think we need to find out who's responsible, we need to make sure that the investigation results in a conviction of someone who is actually responsible."
            Listen to the interview clip in the link to discover how slick this character is..

            My only connection with AF 182 aka Kanishk is a relative of mine lost a friend who was a flight steward on that fateful flight. I remember her telling me about this shortly after the accident. She happens to be over here now from Texas so this will be something to talk about.

            Our foreign minister's op-ed in the National Post the previous week

            India and Canada: A changing partnership | National Post | Dec 18 2019

            Originally posted by best comment
            Pundits in Canada and india agree that closer relations are very much desired and entirely possible, provided Aladin, Mr. Dressup, our Right Honourable Dancin' Fool, stays home.

            Best outcome is this motley coalition cumbles and the Canadians go to the polls in a years time and get a better result.

            Otherwise we will have Canadian Khalistanis to contend with

            British jihadis have been dealt a thrashing

            If Trump goes wobbly after this impeachment business we will have American jihadis to deal with

            Canadian Khalistanis & American jihadis

            Interesting combo : (
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            • Originally posted by Tronic View Post
              This is important to address so I will quickly do so because its not the first time it has come up..

              Tories/Liberals = Canada
              Tories/Labour = UK
              Republicans/Democrats = US

              US, UK and Canada are very different in their political systems and the manner in which they vote. I can only speak of Canada since I am not that well informed about the US demographic electoral voting patterns and even less about the UK..

              In Canada, the immigrant vote, especially the indian ex-pats, is not fixed.. There was a time in the 70s, 80s and 90s when immigrants were pretty squarely voting Liberal but not so much anymore. In the last decade itself, the Indian votes went towards kicking out the Liberals and installing Stephen Harper's Conservatives into power prior to Trudeau's ascendance and once again just last year in Ontario, Kathleen Wyne's Liberals lost all their GTA seats as the immigrant diaspora largely voted blue.. Indian ex-pats are well represented as MPs on both sides of the aisle in Canada..
              Interesting, but it did not show in numbers for Modi when he visited.

              His lowest draw remains Toronto with just 10k turning up

              Compare with Houston 50k, MSG, 25k and his highest remains Wembley at 60k

              Its a blessing that we are voting on the governennts performance rather than religion, colour or xenophobia..
              Does not look that way from where i am but we will see


              • High five Canada : )

                Punjab CM hails Canada's rejection of Khalistani 'Referendum 2020', urges other nations to follow suit | India Today | Jul 25 2020

                Amarinder Singh was reacting to a media report quoting a spokesperson of the foreign ministry of Canada, who said "Canada respects the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of India, and the Government of Canada will not recognise the referendum."

                The categorical stance taken by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau's government is exemplary and other nations should also come out openly against SFJ, CM Amarinder Singh said. He further pointed out that SFJ, branded a terrorist organisation, faces a ban in India. SFJ's founder Gurpatwant Singh Pannu was declared a terrorist after he was found guilty of actively promoting Pakistan-backed terror activities on Indian soil.

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