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Security Council Resolution 2334

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    Originally posted by GVChamp View Post
    Gotta test the new guy. Not doing your job if you don't.
    Why do we never test the new guy?


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      Originally posted by Markobee View Post
      Why do we never test the new guy?
      Who is we and why you think that?
      No such thing as a good tax - Churchill

      To make mistakes is human. To blame someone else for your mistake, is strategic.


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        Originally posted by Doktor View Post
        I wouldn't test Trump. That's the guy who when put next to Bush makes Bush look like a chessplayer.
        He took the call from Tsai and challenged China on what they were/are/going to do about NK. His yet to be confirmed secstate gives testimony that China should stop with the island building AND have their access limited. This guy worked for exon mobil, the same exon mobil that continued drilling in the allocated vietnamese blocks after companies like BP, Shell & conoco hightailed it out of the area. So Rex has given the Chinese the finger before.

        What does the US get out of this one china policy, good question for ALL of china's neighbours to also ponder upon when it comes to getting out of China what they give.

        Looks like Trump came out swinging and put the Chinese on the backfoot before he's even nominated.

        Good on him : D

        Now how much of this is hot air or statement of intent remains to be seen. Is the US back or not. The wind is certainly blowing in a different direction.
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