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Far left wins in Greece

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    Its screwed , and has been for a ages , dead but wont lay down .

    Ya cant make this shit up ????
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      Dear Friends and Supporters,of this tiny island called GREAT BRITAIN , please read , not my words but copied .

      In the last month, the EU’s harrowing treatment of Greece has reached fever pitch. Let’s not forget we nearly joined the Euro, securing an opt-out in the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, so we are lucky to be averting the disaster which has befallen Greece. Had we joined the Euro then, our economy would have buckled beneath the weight of the 2008 Recession, because we would be trapped inside the Euro’s exchange rate. By controlling the exchange rate of sterling, we have been able to keep our exports afloat. But the Greeks cannot devalue their own currency and remain competitive because they haven’t left the Euro – something they should have done five years ago!

      Our campaign has tirelessly raised attention to the suffering of Greece in the Eurozone. In The Commentator we explain how the EU has succeeded where Xerxes and Hitler failed in crushing the birthplace of Democracy – Greece (EU Tyranny Finally Crushes the Birthplace of Democracy). The Great British Public are beginning to understand this as well. Numerous people on the Left are now changing their tune as well, questioning whether the EU is as benign as it makes itself appear. Several left wing journalists, authors and political commentators like Nick Cohen and Owen Jones, as well as various trade unions are now saying they will campaign for Out.

      We also published letters in the Independent and the London Evening Standard responding to Greece’s third bailout, saying: “It is quite clear the EU would do anything to keep its single currency afloat. Greece’s gradual submission to fiscal takeover, managed by Angela Merkel, shows membership of the EU and national sovereignty will never be compatible.” (Greeks stand up to EU bullying, The Painful Price of Joining the EU).

      We also congratulate the Greek people as they heroically resist the tyranny of Brussels, in our reaction to Tsipras’ referendum on the EU’s bailout conditions published in The Commentator (Greece’s brave choice – “OXI” to the tyrannical EU). The referendum delivered a resounding OXI (No) to Brussels and the austerity they hoped to impose on Greece. The EU succeeded with their austerity measures anyway, as the referendum result was later ignored as Greece was forced to accept even harsher deals than they had held a referendum to reject.

      There are lessons to be learned for Britain. The EU is much more calculating, uncompromising and cruel than we could ever have predicted. This means David Cameron’s so-called ‘renegotiations’ with the EU have no hope of succeeding as Brussels has every intention of not budging an inch. Their single currency is so precious to them they are prepared to grind Greece into the ground to attempt to keep it stable. The EU will never surrender its key underlying principles for Britain’s sake – so expect cosmetic reforms at best - whether or not Cameron comes out waving his white flag of so-called success. Indeed we examine whether Britain will one day face a similar ultimatum from the EU, where Britain would be forced to choose between accepting the loss of sovereignty in the face of further political union or leave the EU (Will Britain Face The Same EU Dilemma As Greece?).

      We revealed in Brietbart London how the EU is exploiting the public fear of Islamist terror attacks to expand its surveillance capabilities. We highlighted how MEP’s have now passed a resolution which aims to collect and retain sensitive information about all air passengers travelling inside and outside the EU. This is yet another attempt by EU technocrats to increase their powers, and it’s a further step in their quest to see all security matters attributed on a pan-European level. We argue that whilst there is a need for a debate on the issue of privacy vs security it should be up to national governments and not the increasingly tyrannical EU (EU Uses Fear of Terror to Expand its Surveillance Powers).

      Elsewhere, Get Britain Out's latest article for The Commentator reveals the dire situation Greeks find themselves in. Having been absolutely humiliated, Greece is now being forced to raise the VAT rate from 13% to 23%, which will drastically increase the cost of living, as well as the costs to all the tourists visiting this beautiful country. In addition their shipping industry will be affected. How on Earth does Europe's political elite expect them to pay off their mountain of debt, and when will they admit the Eurozone has impoverished a once proud nation (Has the Troika destroyed Greece?).

      We have also contributed a blog to Breitbart London detailing a new EU initiative which will see data from public transport tracked and stored in an EU Supercomputer by 2020. This raises obvious concerns regarding privacy and the EU’s desire to document and control the lives of the citizens of its Member States. The process itself will require the installation of expensive tracking equipment and a vast network of computers to manage the data, a major cost which will have to be paid for by taxpayers! (EU Supercomputer to Spy on All Public Transport at Your Expense).

      The EU portrays itself as a paradise of liberal values, yet their claims do not bear scrutiny. While pretending to champion women’s rights, the EU regularly makes a mockery of women by treating women like helpless ‘damsels in distress’ who need the State to look after them. In Breitbart London, we exposed recent EU legislation which proposes tackling the gender pay gap and ‘glass ceiling’ in science and technical careers (Brussels Belittles Women With PC-Crusade Against the ‘Glass Ceiling’).

      We also have a piece in The Commentator, highlighting how the new Office of National Statistics trade figures show how the EU is less important for trade than ever before. We have exported more to non-EU countries than to the EU since September 2014! (As a Trading Power – the EU is Overrated).

      We raised attention to figures buried in a report by the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR), showing British taxpayers’ contributions to Brussels will increase by 3 billion over the next five years (UK’s Success Means EU Contributions Rise by Over 3 billion). Only last December George Osborne promised our contributions to the EU’s coffers will fall this year and next year. Osborne should have learned by now you can never make promises about the EU. Our annual contributions are based on the size of our economy, and the OBR predict our economy will increase by more than previously estimated.

      So we are getting punished again by Brussels for our success – all the more reason to Get Britain Out of the EU as soon as possible!

      Thank you, as always, for your support.


      With best wishes,
      Chris Carter and Chris Muspratt
      Get Britain Out

      P.S. If your friends and colleagues are sympathetic to the cause or need to know more about the need to Get Britain Out, please forward this email and encourage them to Sign Up to our campaign. As well as showing support, they will be kept in touch with our latest, in-depth campaign news. All information will remain confidential.

      The Commentator: EU Tyranny Finally Crushes the Birthplace of Democracy
      The Independent Letters: Greeks stand up to EU bullying
      London Evening Standard: The Painful Price of Joining the EU
      The Commentator: Greece’s brave choice – “OXI” to the tyrannical EU
      Breitbart London: Will Britain Face The Same EU Dilemma As Greece?
      Breitbart London: EU Uses Fear of Terror to Expand its Surveillance Powers
      The Commentator: Has the Troika destroyed Greece?
      Breitbart London: EU Supercomputer to Spy on All Public Transport at Your Expense
      The Commentator: As a Trading Power – the EU is Overrated
      Breitbart London: Brussels Belittles Women With PC-Crusade Against the ‘Glass Ceiling’
      The Commentator: UK’s Success Means EU Contributions Rise by Over 3 billion


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        Having come to power with a wish list of left wing wet dreams and a lot of posturing, Syriza was eventually hit by a big train marked 'reality'. In the meantime it sufficiently stuffed up negotiations with the Eurozone that it provoked a banking & political crisis at home and cut an even worse deal than it might have. Now the left of the party has rebelled & Tsipsaris has ditched his 'rebel with a cause' act & reverted to the careerist politician that was always lurking below the surface.

        An election has been called with Tsipsaris hoping to become the standard bearer for the centre left - the new PASOK. Hard to know what will happen. Maybe he will win. Perhaps New Democracy will make a comeback. Either way it is a long way back for Greece.

        Win nervously lose tragically - Reds C C


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          The early elections are not a surprise.

          I am curious to see how will ND fare. As for the left, they are in decline. With the worst deal possible and then some and a lot of immigrants hitting the shores, it's not really hard to see the right taking some the power back. Greece will be in a limbo state for a while.

          Word from EU came to the Greeks not to fear, the deal is a deal and EU will honor it, no matter what. Pretty much they are in the worst period since the end of the junta.
          No such thing as a good tax - Churchill

          To make mistakes is human. To blame someone else for your mistake, is strategic.


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            I'curious how Golden Dawn will fare.Having followed Greek politics a bit,the guys are pretty consistent.
            That and a record of dealing with migrants can see them rise.
            Results matter,not methods.
            Those who know don't speak
            He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. Luke 22:36


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              Oops, they did it again.
              No such thing as a good tax - Churchill

              To make mistakes is human. To blame someone else for your mistake, is strategic.