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  • Another girl who dumped him there?
    No such thing as a good tax - Churchill

    To make mistakes is human. To blame someone else for your mistake, is strategic.


    • Originally posted by Doktor View Post
      Another girl who dumped him there?
      She wouldnt dare.


      • Seoul: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has visited a ski resort under construction in the northeast of the country to check on the progress of his pet project.

        The Masik Pass Ski Resort made headlines in August when Switzerland blocked a $US7.6 million ($8.55 million) sale of ski lifts to Pyongyang, calling it a "propaganda project" for the regime.

        Featuring 110 kilometres of multi-level ski runs, a hotel, heliport and cable cars, the resort has been heavily promoted since Kim visited it in June and called for construction to be completed by the end of the year.

        On his latest trip on Sunday, the young leader praised soldiers and labourers for helping speed up construction under "biting cold in December", official state news agency KCNA said, adding the project was "near completion".

        "He [Kim] said the skiing courses on the Masik Pass Ski Resort are world-class ones in terms of their number and total length," it said.

        The project was now "at the centre of the world's attention", Mr Kim was quoted as saying, adding "everyone would marvel" at its magnificence.

        He also urged operators to illuminate the resort at night to allow visitors to enjoy skiing and skating after dark, in an impoverished country suffering chronic power shortage.

        Mr Kim's reported trip came days after the shock execution on Thursday of his powerful uncle and political mentor, Jang Song-thaek.

        Jang was put to death four days after he was ousted from all his party and military positions for charges including corruption and plotting to overthrow the state.

        The purge was the biggest political upheaval since Mr Kim, aged around 30, took power after the death of his father and longtime ruler, Kim Jong-il, in December 2011.


        Read more: North Korea leader visits ski resort
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        • North Korea's Workers’ Party congress begins behind closed doors

          by Anna Fifield, Washington Post, May 6, 2016

          PYONGYANG, North Korea — The much-hyped seventh congress of the Workers’ Party apparently began in North Korea Friday morning, but foreign reporters allowed into the country for the event were not permitted into the forum.

          This is the first time in 36 years that North Korea’s one and only party has called a congress. The event is widely believed to be the driver behind North Korea’s various provocations since the start of the year, from its January nuclear test and its February long-range ballistic missile launch, to its various threats to blow up Seoul, New York and Washington.

          But details about the congress are scarce — no information has been released about how long the congress will last, who has been invited or what will be discussed.

          A Washington Post reporting team was among the 130-odd foreign journalists allowed to travel to Pyongyang to cover the event, but was not permitted to enter the building where the congress was apparently being held. Instead, journalists were permitted only to stand some 500 yards from the building, on the other side of a major intersection.

          Asked why foreign media was not allowed into the event, The Post’s government-appointed minders said they didn’t know. They were also unable to confirm whether the congress had actually begun.

          But Michael Madden, an analyst who closely watches events in Pyongyang and runs the North Korea Leadership Watch blog, said he had received information that the congress had begun.

          "I heard tell that the party congress opened and Kim Jong Un delivered a speech as part of the morning speaking program and that a copy of his remarks or a gist of them would be available early in the evening or late afternoon North Korean time," Madden said. "Based on state TV broadcasts teasing the party congress opening day proceedings, I suspect he addressed the success of the 70 battle and inter-Korean relations."

          Morning programming on Korean Central Television, the state-run broadcaster, was heavy on Kim family veneration, then shortly before midday, began running a propaganda film.

          North Korea has placed a huge degree of importance on the congress, which has previously been a forum to show the ruling party as strong, and has occasionally been used as a vehicle for major announcements. Kim Il Sung, the “eternal president” of North Korea and the grandfather of the current leader, used the 1980 congress to unveil his son, Kim Jong Il, as his successor.

          Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Kim Jong Un has elevated the status of the Workers’ Party and has effectively moved away from the “military first” policy promoted by his father by announcing a “simultaneous push” towards both nuclear and economic development.

          Analysts say that by calling the congress, Kim Jong Un is continuing this pattern of increasing the stature of the party, at the same time as bolstering his claim on the leadership. North Korea is home to the world’s only communist dynasty and Kim Jong Un was not even 30 when he became its third generation leader.

          Korean culture is Confucian and places a premium on age and seniority, but Kim is a good half-century younger than some of his advisers. Nor was the regime able to lay the kind of groundwork for the current leader as it did for Kim Jong Il.

          Kim Jong Il was in the public eye, moving through a series of official positions, for more than two decades before he took over the reins after Kim Il Sung’s death in 1994. But there was barely more than a year between the announcement of Kim Jong Un as successor, and his accession to the North Korean throne.

          As a result, few analysts were expecting bold initiatives to be unveiled at this congress, given the difficulty the Kim regime has had making good on many of its promises. Instead, they were expecting pronouncements about the strength of the party.

          The authorities here had instituted a “70 day speed battle” to prepare for the congress, requiring all citizens to work from 5:30 a.m. until well after dark, seven days a week, painting buildings, paving roads and planting gardens. Streets have been decorated with banners and red Workers’ Party flags, and thousands of people have been practicing for parades, although it’s not clear when they will take place.
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          • Ever noticed there is only one fat guy in entire North Korea?
            "Only Nixon can go to China." -- Old Vulcan proverb.


            • Originally posted by gunnut View Post
              Ever noticed there is only one fat guy in entire North Korea?
              He ate all the rest...


              • Kim Jong-un illness rumours denied amid intense speculation

                BBC April 21, 2020

                Reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is seriously ill after heart surgery are not true, officials in South Korea have said.

                Headlines that Kim Jong-un was "gravely ill", "brain-dead" or "recovering from an operation" were always going to be impossible to verify.
                But the presidential office in Seoul has said there have been no particular signs from the North to indicate the 36-year-old is "gravely ill".

                It is also not the first time rumours about his health have fired up intense flurries of speculation - only to be later dismissed.

                When did speculation start?
                Kim Jong-un recently missed the celebration of his grandfather's birthday on 15 April. This is one of the biggest events of the year, marking the birth of the nation's founder.
                Kim Jong-un has never missed it - and it seemed very unlikely that he would simply choose not to turn up.

                Inevitably, his absence prompted speculation and rumour, none of which is easy to substantiate.
                Kim Jong-un last appeared in state media on 12 April "inspecting a pursuit assault plane group" in a handout that is undated. As ever, the images portrayed him as relaxed and at ease.

                We know he chaired a key political meeting the day before, from state media despatches. But he has not been seen since.
                State media also made no mention of his presence at a reported missile test last week. He is usually pictured at these launches.

                Reporting on North Korea is incredibly difficult at the best of times, so most speculation is drawn from departure from precedent.
                And now, the already secretive state is an even more extreme version of shutdown - after it closed borders at the end of January due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

                The first report of illness
                The claim about Kim Jong-un's ill health surfaced in a report for a website run by North Korean defectors on Tuesday.
                An anonymous source told the Daily NK that they understood he had been struggling with cardiovascular problems since last August "but it worsened after repeated visits to Mount Paektu".

                This led to a chain of reporting by international media on a single-sourced story.
                News agencies then began to run with that claim, and it was all they had until some reports emerged that intelligence agencies in South Korea and the US were monitoring the claim.

                But then came a more sensational headline in US media that the North Korean leader was in a critical condition after heart surgery.
                However, a statement from the South Korean government, and sources at Chinese intelligence - speaking to the Reuters news agency - said this was not true.

                It is very much worth noting that at no point has anyone denied that Kim Jong-un has had heart surgery. The statements from South Korea and China merely deny that the North Korean leader is seriously ill. The population of North Korea would usually not be kept informed about their leader's health status.

                Not the first time he has 'gone missing'
                In 2014, Kim Jong-Un disappeared for 40 days from early September - which sparked a torrent of speculation, including that he had been ousted in a coup by other political grandees.
                Then he re-appeared, pictured with a cane.

                State media at the time admitted he was suffering from an "uncomfortable physical condition", but did not address rumours that he was suffering from gout.

                What is the succession plan for Kim?
                If anything were to happen to the North Korean leader, the line of succession is not entirely clear.
                Kim Jong-un was groomed to lead the country by his father over many years. The Kim dynasty seemed secure.

                Kim's sister, Kim Yo-jong, would seem the most obvious choice. Not only is she from the sacred "Paektu blood line", which defines the Kim dynasty, she does appear to be making more headlines of her own.

                Last month she made her first public statement and she has been a visible and constant presence by her brother's side at key summits.
                But for now we can only watch and wait to see if North Korea reacts to this swirl of speculation about their leader's health.

                The truth is when it comes to information about the North Korean leadership, we are often all scrambling around in the dark.
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                • What's the 'Paektu blood line blood line'?


                  • Paektu Mountains is short-hand for the myth that Kim Il-sung's home-grown commie revolutionaries overthrew the Japanese at the end of WWII. The bloodline is from Great Leader to Dear Leader Kim Jong-il to Baby Leader Kim Jong-un. Sis is the only other identified blood relative.
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                    • Didn't fatty Jong-un kill a Brother? Still not sure how a mountain can spawn a bloodline or why the Sister is supposed to come from it but I suppose they work on different lines from us. My Polish 'Herb'/Clan is a branch of the Korwins who are said to be derived from a Roman Admiral and our particular branch from a French Bishop. So a mountain as ancestor is hard to fathom.


                      • It’s the alleged location of the revolutionary basecamp, like the caves of Yan’an to the Chinese Communist Party.

                        Killing an alternative heir to the throne is quite common among dynasties.
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                        • Originally posted by DOR View Post

                          Kim's sister, Kim Yo-jong, would seem the most obvious choice. Not only is she from the sacred "Paektu blood line", which defines the Kim dynasty, she does appear to be making more headlines of her own.
                          Any chance someone could take the husband out?. Her Royal Hotness could, and would do much better.

                          Asking for a friend :)


                          • Any chance someone could take the husband out?. Her Royal Hotness could, and would do much better.
                            I'd rather wake up next to a viper than her. Kim Yo Jong looks like she skins people and wears the product as an interesting side-hobby.

                            Ri Sol-ju at least looks more human.
                            There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "My ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."- Isaac Asimov


                            • Originally posted by astralis View Post
                              I'd rather wake up next to a viper than her. Kim Yo Jong looks like she skins people and wears the product as an interesting side-hobby.
                              I know. Pretty HOT huh :)

                              Must be a Jarhead thing

                              Can you imagine her at a Key Spouse Program luncheon?


                              • Originally posted by Gun Grape View Post
                                I know. Pretty HOT huh :)

                                Must be a Jarhead thing

                                Can you imagine her at a Key Spouse Program luncheon?
                                Maybe at a juicy bar.
                                "Every man has his weakness. Mine was always just cigarettes."