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Another German President Going Down

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    Steinmeier is currently supported by CDU, CSU, SPD, Greens and FDP - hence likely to garner around 1106 out of 1260 votes.

    Left has chosen Christoph Butterwegge for candidate, Pirates and PARTEI have chosen a joint candidate in PARTEI's party head's father Engelbert Sonneborn. With Alexander Hold (supported by FW and BVB-FW) and Albrecht Glaser (AfD) that makes for five candidates. Butterwegge will probably get around 95 votes, Glaser around 35 and Hold and Sonneborn each up to 11.
    Pirates and PARTEI were supposedly considering nominating Murat Kurnaz - a Turkish-German who was held in Guantanamo for four years - for a short while out of protest against Steinmeier; Kurnaz is too young for the office though (minimum age 40). Kurnaz and Steinmeier have carried out some personal animosity in public for the past ten years since Kurnaz' release.

    Only party that hasn't chosen a candidate is the Danish minority party SSW, which holds a single seat.

    The electoral council deputies of Northrhine-Westfalia (135 delegates) were legally disputed. A ex-Pirate independent in the state parliament filed for a possible violation of the constitution since the list of delegates was voted on openly instead of secretly, thus enforcing party discipline. Pretty minor squabble though.


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      Vote is underway, results should be out in the next 30 minutes.

      Steinmeier likely won't get the full 1106 votes, but somewhere between 920 and 1100 - i.e. only a 80% majority; i'd personally expect around 1050. The Kurnaz/Guantanamo affair in particular isn't forgotten and will take votes from him not just among the Greens, but also in other parties of his coalition - there are even a couple CDU delegates citing Kurnaz for their decision not to vote for Steinmeier.

      The Federal Assembly was opened at 12:20 by parliamentary president Norbert Lammert (CDU) who gave a speech warning Trump against isolation and protectionism ("whoever calls for that shouldn't be surprised if others do it alike") and explicitly calling for a "strong Europe". He got standing ovations for that speech from pretty much everyone except the 35 present AfD delegates.


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        Final results, doesn't look all that great for Steinmeier even if he got elected:

        Steinmeier - 931 (81.9%) - probably CDU/CSU/SPD/FDP delegates minus 28
        Butterwegge - 128 (11.3%) - probably Left delegates plus extra 33
        Glaser - 42 (3.7%) - probably AfD delegates plus extra 7
        Hold - 25 (2.2%) - probably FW/BVB-FW delegates plus extra 13
        Sonneborn - 10 (0.9%) - probably Pirate delegates minus 1

        no-choice votes - 103 (!) - probably Greens/SSW minus 47
        invalid votes - 14
        votes not cast - 7
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