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Neonazi Terrorism in Germany

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    Really useless,those Nazis.Why it has to be a pension provider?Why,ohhh,why?
    Those who know don't speak
    He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. Luke 22:36


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      Gee, except it wasn't. Read the news. And not your whatever stuff, but something grounded in reality.


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        • Daily Tagesspiegel reports they got an admission statement by email, this time from neonazis, that also announces an attack on counterdemonstrations against a AfD party rally in Dortmund on the 22nd.
        • Any IS connection (as claimed by the first admission statement found) has pretty much been ruled out by police; the admission letter lacks standard IS rhethorics but wildly mixes random statements.
        • Springer press claims that police is currently investigating whether the explosive used came from Bundeswehr stocks
        • Second supposedly investigated venue is a foreign intelligence service, since the detonators used supposedly were military and the setup was done professionally with remote detonation.

        The above email is largely considered just some copycat though. Federal Attorney is investigating it of course. The possible Bundeswehr connection does point in a particular political direction though.

        The arrested Iraqi and the suspected German islamist have both been cleared from suspicion in the case. The Iraqi is being held though as a former foreign fighter who left Germany to fight for IS (in Iraq) in early 2015 and returned during 2016. The town he's from is considered a hotbed of salafists in Germany, and police arrested a number of people trying to make for Iraq or Syria there around the same time in 2015. There's currently a parliamentary inquiry regarding why he wasn't arrested earlier, or rather why he was kept under observation for such a long time, and under what kind of observation (though i really, really doubt we'll get an answer to that).


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          Suspect has been arrested. Sergej W., 28 year old Russian living in South Germany.

          Motive wasn't terrorist but criminal. The suspect was placing put options on shares of the soccer club with the intention to get some 3.9 million cash once the shares would crash after the attack. He got a room at the same hotel as the team - with a street view, asking for a different room when he got one without - and used that to watch when he'd have to remote-detonate the bombs. He also used the hotel wifi for the stock deal. One of the three bombs was placed too high for its firing angle - on a fence post - and blew its load over the bus, thus preventing more serious repercussions. The bombs each fired off a spread of 70mm-long 15g nails in the direction of the bus at lethal speed; one of these nails was found over 250m from the detonation.

          Police had multiple angles for investigations - the bank reported the stock deal for possible moneylaundering, the hotel staff thought he was suspicious because after the attack he calmly went to the hotel restaurant for a steak dinner. The suspect had been sought - undercover - since April 13th, i.e. two days after the attack. Police had him under surveillance from the next morning for a full week before the arrest, to also find out whether he was "connected".
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            A Bundeswehr officer was arrested today in a somewhat curious case.

            Apparently the German-born man - with an Italian first name - was stationed as a soldier in France and during vacations pretended to be a christian-orthodox Syrian refugee in Germany - one who could not speak Arabic for some odd reason. He was cycled through some refugee centers in Hessen and Bavaria and even filed an asylum request at some point; he was careful not to get caught, only using the bank card for the account that government money as a refugee was paid into within a single district in Bavaria where he was assigned an apartment. Meanwhile he was back on duty in France most of the time, shifting back and forward between identities.

            In January this year he was observed hiding a pistol at Vienna airport in Austria, where police arrested him when he came back to retrieve it a few days later. Police in Austria deported him with a small illegal weapons charge. Apparently that charge - for a Bundeswehr officer - was enough to raise some surveillance with German authorities though for the next couple weeks and months. During this surveillance they found that he was plotting a terrorist attack together with a friend from his hometown. They arrested both guys today today and raided 16 locations in Germany, Austria and France - including refugee homes that he lived in under his refugee identity and his quarters at the base he was stationed at. At the place of the friend they found devices suitable to raise charges for violations of weapons laws, explosives laws and war weapon control laws - in other words at least automatic weapons or grenades. From propaganda material found both are assumed to have a neonazi political conviction. The soldier was arrested during a commando training course at the Infantry School of the Bundeswehr in Hammelburg, Bavaria.

            Suspicion against the two is currently for plotting a terrorist attack that - in a convoluted way - they would then blame on refugees using the second identity of the officer.
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              The Austrian arrest was what apparently got him caught on the double identity: Austrian authorities gave his fingerprints to the German Criminal Police who checked their databases - and found the asylum seeker identity instead of his real name that he had given in Austria. Austrian police also found suspicious material in his files on his smartphone etc that they informed German police about; as a consequence, investigations began a week later.

              The raided apartment in Austria belonged to an Austrian reserve soldier that he had regular contact with. The "devices" found at the friend's apartment in Germany included ammunition, hand grenades and some explosives; he claims he got those from the officer.


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                German defense minister nixes US trip over soldier’s arrest

                By Associated Press May 2 at 10:30 AM

                BERLIN — Germany’s defense minister canceled a trip to the United States Tuesday amid a widening government probe of a possible far-right cell with ties to the German army.

                Authorities last week arrested 28-year-old army lieutenant Franco A., who managed to register as a Syrian asylum-seeker without being detected, on suspicion of preparing an act of violence. His last name wasn’t given in line with privacy regulations.

                Investigators have said the officer may have planned to blame a possible future attack on foreigners, and the RND media group reported Tuesday that defense officials believe he was part of a small far-right group of around five people.

                Federal prosecutors have now taken over the case — a sign that investigators may be considering more serious charges against the suspect and possible accomplices.

                Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen has been critical of military leadership, and canceled her Wednesday trip to New York and Washington to better focus on the investigation surrounding the case, the dpa news agency reported.

                Investigators are trying to determine how A., who was stationed in France and spoke no Arabic, managed to dupe German authorities into believing he was a Syrian refugee, and be given a place in a refugee home and financial aid.

                Officials say the officer registered in the state of Hesse at the end of 2015 and had been living “sporadically” at a home for asylum-seekers since January 2016.

                He came to the attention of authorities after allegedly stashing a pistol in a Vienna airport bathroom and being caught when he went to retrieve it in February.

                He was freed but Austrian authorities informed Germany, and a fingerprint match showed he’d registered as a refugee, prompting a wider investigation.

                A 24-year-old student from the soldier’s hometown of Offenbach has also been arrested in the case.
                To be more exact the CIC is instead spending wednesday on a trip to Illkirch-Grafenstaden in France, where the soldier was stationed - with the Inspector General in tow. For thursday she has some 100 generals coming to her to Berlin.
                The case has been taken over officially by the Federal Attorney General, which means the charges will include terrorism. Beyond the fraud and terrorism, the Bundeswehr according to the Inspector General is also suspecting him of stealing ammunition.

                Small correction on the AP coverage above though: He supposedly spoke a little Arabic due to having had the standard beginner language courses during his officer training.


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                  A main point of investigations into the soldier himself is his master thesis written at the French military academy at St.Cyr in 2014, which after French professors read it was handed over to a German prof seconded there from the Center for Military History and Military Social Sciences who judged the thesis a "radical nationalist and racist" pamphlet attempted to be obfuscated under considerable effort with "pseudoscience" (note: literal quotes). The thesis was rejected, with the academy noting that if it had been a French soldier he would have been kicked out. The soldier had disciplinary proceedings started against him by the Bundeswehr, which were dropped due to the "existential consequences" that a disciplinary punishment would have had for him (namely, not being extended as a professional soldier). The entire process never made it into his personnel file either; instead it was brought up by another soldier who had been with him at St.Cyr and reported it after the current investigations started.

                  The reaction of the CIC - initially criticized due to its severity - is somewhat more understandable due to that, with her citing "misunderstood esprit de corps" and "faults in leadership" on TV on friday. The entire case comes only a week after von der Leyen had the Federal President remove the major general in charge of the entire training command for not properly investigating abuse of recruits in multiple cases (and lieing to the parliamentary ombudsman for complaints by soldiers about it).

                  Random tidbits:
                  • The charge against him right now is §89a - which, in short, describes "sedition" (not terrorism - under German law you need multiple people for that).
                  • Some media report that the Bundeswehr is looking for a group of up to five soldiers involved; officially the army is looking for a "network" and is investigating five other soldiers, currently only as witnesses.
                  • Investigations in Illkirch apparently found NS devotionalia; his own room at the base had posters of Wehrmacht soldiers and a WW2 assault rifle (with a swastika scratched into it). Supposedly a G36 adorned the same way was also found.


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                    Small detail: The french supervisor for the thesis that reported him was Antoine Windeck. Windeck is currently a major general and commander of the French centre de doctrine d'emploi des forces.


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                      Somewhat interestingly someone seems to have made an effort today to give off a certain image:

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	20170503_Illirch_Begruessung-2.jpg
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Size:	316.1 KB
ID:	1470852

                      Blue Beret = Colonel Cropp (commander of 291st Infantry Battalion)
                      No Beret = Commander-in-Chief von der Leyen (defense minister)
                      Red Beret = four-star general Wieker (inspector general of the Bundeswehr and supreme disciplinary officer)
                      Green Beret = three-star general Vollmer (inspector general of the Army)

                      (and no, i'm not talking about Vollmer)


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                        Originally posted by kato View Post
                        Beyond the fraud and terrorism, the Bundeswehr according to the Inspector General is also suspecting him of stealing ammunition.
                        Ammunition found at the friend's place - about 1,000 rounds in various calibers - entirely belongs to the Bundeswehr. They're currently tracing for anyone involved in this ammunition being handed out (tracking the ammunition through its lot numbers), especially as it's suspected this is not limited to this single suspect.

                        The MoD is currently "informally investigating whether to investigate for a possible disciplinary action" against both the full line of command of Franco A. in 2014 and against Major General Weisenburger, commander of the Armed Forces Office (back then as now) who ultimately was the one who decided not to prosecute to not endanger Franco A.'s military professional future. The background to this is that disciplinary cases of suspected extremism require to get the military intelligence service MAD involved.

                        One consequence of the whole affair - and other recent affairs - is that the Bundeswehr is now going to get a new military discipline act. At some point after the next election. The current one is from 1957.


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                          Second soldier arrested in the case.

                          Current charge is for "joint planning of an attack on persons of public attention notable for forwarding policies on refugees and foreigners that the accused disagree with".

                          Their - handwritten - list of targets, which the soldier now arrested is suspected of drafting for them, included former German federal president Gauck and minister of justice Maas.


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                            i wonder how broad and severe the internal investigations will go.
                            There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "My ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."- Isaac Asimov


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                              Originally posted by astralis View Post
                              i wonder how broad and severe the internal investigations will go.
                              For the immediate case attention seems to be focussed on the base and unit he was stationed with - including some accusations in the press that aren't all that noteworthy when you look into them from a military perspective; for example the 2IC of his company tried to visit the accused in prison; media immediately snaps to it and proposes said 2IC as a potential member of the cell when what he was actually doing was as his superior (apparently) formally forbidding the soldier from wearing his uniform there.
                              The defense committee of the fedeal parliament had a special session today (closed and classified, of course) in which the MoD and the Inspector General informed parliament about the case. There are some rather uncomfortable questions, such as how it was possible within JgBtl 291 that a First Lieutenant is plain absent quite often with apparently the second, now arrested soldier informally excusing him. Or why the chief of the armed forces office did not forward his thesis to military intelligence back in 2014.

                              The public effect is that people and media focus more on the found nazi devotionalia though, calling into question whether the Bundeswehr properly sets itself apart from the Wehrmacht in particular. One result of that is that the MoD will overhaul the Bundeswehr's 1982 "tradition bill" which is a bit vague on Wehrmacht traditions within the Bundeswehr; another is that the inspector general is having all bases of the Bundeswehr searched for devotionalia, to be reported back to him by the 16th. Will become an interesting topic for the election campaigns in summer.

                              Some further stuff is also being dragged up through the case - there is a captain who is currently charged for publishing SS slogans on Twitter, something rather minor and usually at best resulting in an admonishment and some minor fine. However, the wider problem is, and in the current climate that really complicates it: Said captain also works for the MAD (military intelligence); said captain is also a politician for the rightwing-extremist AfD; and said captain personally knew the first lieutenant arrested through joint training.


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                                Third arrested [Maximilian T.] is now suspected of stealing a service sidearm (HK USP) in 2014 that was reported lost after a joint shooting training between German and US soldiers at Grafenwöhr in which he took part. The Bundeswehr is also investigating a theft of three weapons at Munster in February this year (two HK G36, one HK USP) and is suspecting the group, or at least an inside job - the weapons were stored in a locked Fuchs APC overnight which only few people knew about. Neither of the two soldiers [Maximilian T. and Franco A.] were stationed near Munster around that timeframe, however another soldier being investigated for neonazi tendencies was there at the time; the investigation is now also into whether he was part of their network.

                                P.S.: They also found a copy of a "bomb-building manual" (from the description just the Anarchist's Cookbook edit: it was the Mujahideen Explosives Handbook) among Franco A.'s stuff, along with a Swiss Cold War book on guerilla warfare that's on the no-sale index in Germany since the 80s but pretty common among neonazis; in addition he apparently pulled off "several hours of self-reflexion" among those files (probably video or audio) in which he was apparently condoning violence as an appropriate course of action.
                                P.P.S.: Investigators are currently investigating seven people as possible members of the group.
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