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Neonazi Terrorism in Germany

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  • Originally posted by kato View Post
    The AfD party is now formally under observation for extremism:
    For an example of the scale of what kind of extremism is involved here:
    • The brother of Franco A.'s girlfriend (that soldier posing as a refugee), Maximilian T., is currently a candidate on the AfD list for the next state election in Saxony-Anhalt. Sorta low chances of gettin in, he's #26 with the AfD currently holding 21 seats (i.e. they'd need to enlarge their share for him to get in).
    • Maximilian T. was stationed at the same base in France as Franco A. and arrested on suspicion of being part of his terror plot. He was released from jail after several months due to a lack of evidence sufficient to keep holding him and charges dropped for the same reason a year later.
    • Maximilian T. also has a side job working for the defense spokesman of the AfD, i.e. for their representative in the defense committee. As in, at the federal parliament.


    • Originally posted by kato View Post
      In case anyone remembers the guy in Germany where they dragged a Panther tank out of his garden with military assistance back in 2015, that case is now (six years later) in court.

      The court is mostly contesting his 88m FlaK gun as a non-demilitarized weapon of war. The defense retort on it is that there's no 88mm ammunition available anyway - to the point of having an expertise drawn up stating it would cost at least 200,000 Euro and take five months to make a small batch of ammo for it professionally.

      The legal situation of the tank itself is somewhat complicated. He bought it as scrap in the 1970s in the UK and restored it - including at one point with the German Army performing maintenance on its engine based on it being demilitarized in their opinion (they charged him 28,000 Euro for the maintenance). However the Federal Agency for Export Control in an expertise has come to the conclusion that it is not properly demilitarized and documentation is missing too. Some of his restoration efforts make it questionable too, including procuring a new (original) barrel. The tank was revocered by a platoon of Bundeswehr soldiers using two armoured recovery vehicles in 2015 and has been stored at the Putlos training grounds since then.

      His other heavy weapons seem to no longer be of interest - even if some documentation seems to be missing for the torpedo he had, both it and his mortar seem to have been properly deactivated. haven't heard anything about the several dozen machine guns and assault rifles recovered in this regard, or the ammunition or explosives. They're part of the case though, the district attorney needed 15 minutes just to read out the list of weapons they're charging him about.

      As for why this is in this thread, it's because the "collector" had this tank draped up in a multi-level underground building filled with Nazi devotionalia, including rooms built to resemble Hitler's chancellery (complete with Hitler bust and portraits) and with some 100 mannequins used to portray original Nazi uniforms - and a 40-ton semi-replica "with some original parts" of a statue that had been standing in the chancellery's courtyard in Berlin that he had put up in his own garden was what got the police involved in the first place.
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