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Wide Angle: Scuicide Bombers

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  • Wide Angle: Scuicide Bombers

    Wide Angle: Suicide Bombers

    I saw this last night (July 1, 2004) and video taped it. Most of the show was interviews with suicide bombers who were caught and put in prison. They spoke in a foreign language (Arabic?), used a translator and gave reasons like: their life sucked and they wanted to commit suicide to go to heaven and have 70 virgins, Israel was occupying their country and it was their duty as a Muslim to fight the occupiers, etc. Most of the suicide bombers changed their minds and were usually caught in Israel with bomb materials. One of the suicide bombers claimed to have pressed the button, but the bomb didn't go off.
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    Poor dumb bastards, it's only made things worse for them.
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