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Far-Right wins in Italy

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  • Far-Right wins in Italy

    The Mussolini (You all know the one, who was last seen hanging around Milan!) must be rubbing his ethereal hands in glee,
    down in whatever corner of hell where he’s currently residing!
    His Fascist party; after a number of name change, has again come to power in Italy,
    under the name: Brothers of Italy with a new charismatic leader Georgia Meloni as leader!
    The EU is in for a bumpy ride, now along with right-wing governments in Hungary and Poland, Italy joins the crowd.
    If there is a light point in this, it is that Ms. Meloni has made clear that she condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
    So more a Duda of Poland, rather than a Orban of Hungary.
    When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to grow. - Anais Nin

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    I see no big surprise here as one needs to remember this is Italy. They have had a tendency, for a long time, to lurch from one side to the other thinking that the newer party will solve Italy's problems. So let's try the new party. The new party won't solve Italy's problems anymore than the previous parties. To me Italy is kind of like a Rubik's Cube where you could work it for a hundred years and never solve the puzzle. One day they will also be voted out and at that point we will see if they go quietly or not.