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British Conservative MP Sir David Amess stabbed to death

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  • British Conservative MP Sir David Amess stabbed to death

    Watch this space I guess

    Sir David Amess, a 69-year-old British MP in Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party has been stabbed to death while meeting his constituents at a church.
    Sir David, who represented Southend West in Essex, eastern England, was stabbed repeatedly by a man who walked into his constituency meeting at a Methodist Church.

    Police said they arrested a man at the scene but gave no motive for the killing.

    "He (Amess) was treated by emergency services but, sadly, died at the scene," police said.
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    Scotland Yard is treating it as a terrorist attack, suspect in custody is a British national of Somali origin, second MP to be murdered in just a few years, after Jo Cox was killed in 2016
    Supporting or defending Donald Trump is such an unforgivable moral failing that it calls every bit of your judgement and character into question. Nothing about you should be trusted if you can look at this man and find redeemable value


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      This was on the news the other day. What did this MP do that got him stabbed 17 times !!! no answers for that.

      One of the commentators mentioned the perp was on the watch, had been on the de-radicalisation program and was deemed fit to return to the society.

      A committed terrorist is going to say what he has to get out and at some point the efficacy of these programs has to be examined.

      What to do with such people ? can't keep them locked up forever.

      The political correctness of the UK and the west at large prevents tackling this problem. It's just going to keep coming back.

      By that i'm referring to the English defense league and the outpsoken earlier leader Tommy Robinson who is considered too outspoken with reference to the grooming gangs.

      If Tommy was a yank they'd call him a white supremacist

      I did too initially until i learnt the EDL had a Sikh wing. Curious i started listening some more only to understand the Sikh community in the UK faced the same issue with grooming gangs back in the 80s when their girls got pinched.

      Fast forward twenty five years later and even a white guy can't talk about it.

      Will credit the Brits for calling this what it is, an act of terror. The Kiwis recently weren't too keen to call it that.
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        Originally posted by Double Edge View Post
        The Kiwis recently weren't too keen to call it that.
        Au contraire

        Auckland supermarket terrorist: Government unsuccessfully tried to strip his refugee status

        8:16 am on 5 September 2021 Share this

        Sarah Robson, Reporter
        The government spent more than four years trying to deport the man responsible for the west Auckland supermarket terrorist attack.

        Ahmed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen appears in the High Court in Auckland on 7 August 2018. Photo: New Zealand Herald / Greg Bowker

        But repeated attempts to have him stripped of his refugee status were ultimately unsuccessful, hamstrung by what Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has called a "frustrating process".

        Last night, suppression orders that prevented the publication of details about the terrorist's identity, background and immigration status lapsed.

        He can now be named as 32-year-old Sri Lankan national Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen.

        It can also be revealed immigration authorities were trying to have his refugee status revoked, because it was believed it was fraudulently obtained.

        But Samsudeen himself had claimed in the courts that he could be arrested, detained, mistreated or tortured if he was ever sent back to Sri Lanka.
        The terrorist's refugee status

        Samsudeen was a Tamil Muslim. He left Sri Lanka, arriving in New Zealand on a student visa in 2011.

        He sought refugee status, saying he and his father experienced serious problems with the Sri Lankan authorities due to their political background.

        His initial application was declined in 2012, because Immigration New Zealand found his claim lacked credibility.

        An appeal was lodged, and Samsudeen was recognised as a refugee by the Immigration and Protection Tribunal in December 2013.

        But in May 2018 he was notified that authorities wanted to revoke his refugee status, which would mean he would be deported.

        Samsudeen appealed again.

        He was already on the radar of the police and the Security Intelligence Service - he had received a formal warning in 2016 for posting violent, extremist, pro-Islamic State content online.
        Not kicking the little bastard out was our mistake.
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          Originally posted by Parihaka View Post

          Au contraire
          My bad

          Originally posted by Parihaka View Post
          Not kicking the little bastard out was our mistake.
          You gave him a second chance and see what he does !!!

          At what point does this guy's brain over ride the natural instinct to self preservation.