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2021 German Federal Election

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    For minor parties (other than the mainstream 7), running in at least half of states
    • Left Wing
      • MLPD (leninists)
      • DKP (stalinists)
    • Centrist
      • VOLT (social-liberal, right side)
      • Animal Protection Party (social-liberal, left side)
      • Pirates (social-liberal, left side)
      • Humanist Party (radical liberal)
    • Single-topic
      • PARTEI (satirical parody party)
      • V-Party³ (vegans)
    • Right Wing
      • ÖDP (conservative, green)
      • Free Voters Union (conservative)
      • Team Todenhöfer (neoliberal, one-man party)
      • LKR (neoliberal)
      • NPD (nazis)
      • BASIS (anti-lockdown, conspiracy theorist, nazis)
    The "centrists" above tend to compete with and play in the same political field and voter section as FDP, the "conservatives" with CDU, the "neoliberals" with AFD, the "left wing" parties with the Left. There are about 20 further parties running with state lists in fewer states, most of them tend to be single-topic or fairly right-wing. There are a few hundred independent candidates, of which maybe 10% belong to any of these several dozen minority parties.

    As usual none of these have any chances of getting in the Bundestag. About one-third of those above have some chances to get over 0.5%, at which point they'd get their campaign costs refunded. The only significantly sized among these parties is PARTEI with about 52,000 official party organization members, an order of magnitude larger than any of the other smalls and probably more members than those have combined. They'll probably end up at around 1.0% as last time.

    Otherwise the only one among these smallest parties notable recently is III.Weg/"Third Way", some neonazis that proclaim on their campaign posters that Greens should be hung. As in lynched. Literally. They sorta get away with it due to having very small print beneath stating that the above refers to the green-colored posters. They only run in two states, in one (Bavaria) police took down those posters, in the other (Saxony) it is considered "a valid statement" and sufficiently ambiguous.
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      It is interesting that the overall number of such small parties running has not increased significantly, and for the most part it's the same groups as always. This is despite the fact that due to the pandemic the required number of supporter signatures to be collected was lowered to one-quarter the usual number (minimum 1/4000th of eligible voters in a state instead of 1/1000th, maximum 500 instead of 2000). To field a single candidate only running in one electoral district you only needed 50 signatures this year.

      About 40 further groups tried to run, but were rejected for a variety of reasons, e.g. bogus signatures, not filing applications in time, not actually having a party organization or not campaigning. This rejection can also hit parties that are established or have been running for ages - for example the Anarchist Pogo Party was rejected for late application this time, and the state list of the Greens for Saarland state was rejected due to doubts about whether it came about democratically within the party. Groups can sue with the Supreme Court against such decisions, the only one that did so (successfully) was DKP - they were originally rejected due to constantly filing their financial reports as a party late.

      Only five of the above small parties managed to collect sufficient signatures in all 16 states and thus run in all of them - VOLT, ÖDP, the Animal Protection Party, MLPD and NPD. Four of the small parties did not have to collect signatures - LKR and PARTEI due to having a representatives in the Bundestag (independents that joined them), the Free Voters Union due to having more than five representatives in state parliaments and the "South Schleswig Voter Union" only running in Schleswig-Holstein state (due to being the formal party of the protected Danish and Friesian minorities).