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Jamali offers to arrange meeting between tribal jirga, Musharraf

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  • Ray
    One should not bow down to rebels or so called freedom fighter. Of that there is no doubt.

    However, negotiation is the best way to move forward.

    Apart from the volatile relationship of India Pakistan on WAB, the confidence building measure between India and Pakistan is an example, how while it may not have solved the problem, at least it has allowed the 'thaw' and who knows that in the near and not too distant a future, thing may settle down.

    Therefore, the base to ending the insurrection, if dialogue is possible, should also be taken with open arms.

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  • platinum786
    We can't bow to terrorists. the chiefs are not elected representatives of the people, they no longer count. These people want us to turn a blind eye as the drug traffic and harbour terrorists and weapons for cash, we have a duty as part of the international community not to do that.

    Jamali is scared, he's the one who recently had an assasination attempt thwarted by the security forces. I was expecting a violent respeonce from him, seems premiership has mellowed him.

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  • Jamali offers to arrange meeting between tribal jirga, Musharraf

    Saturday, April 29, 2006 E-Mail this article to a friend Printer Friendly Version

    Jamali offers to arrange meeting between tribal jirga, Musharraf ]

    ISLAMABAD: Former Balochistan chief minister Mir Taj Muhammad Jamali has offered to arranged a meeting between President General Pervez Musharraf and a Loya Jirga (grand jirga) for peace in Balochistan.

    Quetta’s residents are paralysed with fear, and peace and development here has been stalemated, said the former chief minister. “I propose to the president that he meet the jirga comprising of chiefs from Jalawan, Saran, Magsi, Murri, Bugti, Jugezai and Mengal,” he said. The issue is slipping from the control of tribal chiefs and headed towards the liberation army, he warned.

    Jamail said that billion of rupees had been being spent on army personnel stationed in the province, “but Musharraf is still not ready for dialogue”. The way he has switched from Kalabagh to Bhasha dam, he should resolve this issue through negotiations rather than bullets, he added.

    He urged that provincial autonomy be given to Balochistan as per the Constitution. The Pakistan Army will have to face a liberation army and then Balochistan will not be a province to live in if the situation is not normalised soon,” he added. Online
    Apparently a colossal amount of money is being wasted by the Pakistan govt in Balochistan.

    If peace can be achieved, then one should not stand on egos and instead get cracking and get the problem solved!

    Of course it is a moot point if full autonomy can be given. It will only start a chain reaction of other states wanting the same privilege.