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China's Serious Pollution Problem

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    Originally posted by Bella View Post
    Though I agree that the U.S. and other countries have polluted in the past when they were going thru their industrial revolution, but they can't even compare with the magnitude of what Chinas going thru.
    Like Chenyu stated, we're talking about 1.3 billion to 1.5 billion people there manufacturing goods for the rest of the world.
    People talk about Chinas place as a superpower within the next 25 years, but what about the pollution. I mean will China be a superpower receding in a wasteland? When the U.S. went thru this, we're talking about a large land mass a little smaller than China, with only about 50 million people. Thru time it was a hell of a lot easier to clean up when most of your land was unexplored or developed and with less people. I know China has a lot of undeveloped land, but most of its population lives around the coast. Clean land, and water resources are running out. I blame the government for turning there heads and becoming greedy with their new found wealth.
    I agree with almost what you said, infact it is well said. The population differences does make a big difference of how bad pollution would be. But i don't think the government is becoming "that" greedy for the new found wealth, at least the government has strong economic management policies to counter the threats of over heating the economy, just last May or so the Chinese share market was being threaten to collapse, but the govt quickly jumped in and raised interest rates. I believe the Chinese govt is doing its best to make china a better place.
    Just to sum it all up, water might not become a problem soon, since the 3 gorges dam will provide plenty of water and electricity to homes.
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      3 Gorges, Sierra Club

      Originally posted by beansprout View Post
      Chinese govt is doing its best to make china a better place.
      Just to sum it all up, water might not become a problem soon, since the 3 gorges dam will provide plenty of water and electricity to homes.
      Nothing like a good water bath to remove pollution- let alone the thousands of people and homes being displaced. All indicators, from what I have read are that the construction has been plagued with problems from the start, leading previous architects to surmise that the project will fail to hold water.

      I am not a member but, Sierra Club Home Page: Explore, Enjoy and Protect the Planet the club is America's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. Maybe reviewing some of their information could help you in China. :)
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        Originally posted by beansprout View Post
        Just to sum it all up, water might not become a problem soon, since the 3 gorges dam will provide plenty of water and electricity to homes.
        You should read China's own report on the environmental impact of the Three Gorges. It's a freaking disaster.


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          I just read this week's Economist, finally the State Environmental Protection Administration in China is getting a little more teeth and is going to be upgraded as a cabinet level ministry. But this is the same department that brought us Green GDP concept, which is now scrapped.

          Its interesting that the Environmental Protection Administration is arousing people sentiments about the pollution as the CPC is not listening about pollution.

          The Chinese operate the same way like Indians, every ministry has a stake and eventually none of them take any action on the issue. I think they are getting their act together and with the way Chinese work, they might even successfully tackle this problem like the US.
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            With the" Three Gorges Dam", I believe that it is a great way to solve the countries need for clean energy, but the dam has done nothing but flood and misplace millions and millions of people. Also, with the dam, it dramatically influences how fish spawn, causing a serious problem with the fishing industry which the Chinese rely on in these areas.
            I think while China make trillions of dollars with its new found money, it needs to reinvest in clean-up in order to stay competitive and healthy.
            Thats just my opinion.


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              more than two hundred thousand square kilometers of farmland are damaged by Cement Concrete heavy building industry in china nearly two decades.
              But a large number of houses is vacant,
              Large area of lands in china are damaged by Cement Concrete building - Fool Moon


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                First step would be reducing pollution where it is in line with self interest. (That is reducing pollution saves money)

                A lot of pollutants are worth serious money as in the form of refined chemicals. Money that could be saved by reducing waste and winning back these chemicals. Hard earned money is often literally flushed down the drain this way.

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                  Been home for more than two weeks now, only last night was I able to spot stars/planets other than Venus, with naked eyes. For most clear nights there were only Venus and Moon (even after rains when the air should be cleanest). Depressing.


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                    The good news is that... 20-30 years ago, Taiwan was very much like that as well, today it's much better.

                    The even better news. about 80-90 years ago, A LOT of the western world was like that as well.

                    This is part of the industrialization phase, most country once they reach a certain point of prosperity will begin to clean up.


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                      Heavy metal pollution is a more serious concern in china than air pollution. A widespread industrial contaminants like lead can seriously affect the health of children. It is not acceptable that the Chinese government did little to tackle this issue. China's environmental protection agency has vowed to curb heavy metal pollution but it has been doing a lousy job.

                      As for other pollutions, Japan and Taiwan offered a good gudiance of how newly industrialized nations clean up their messes. Chinese coastal regions have been actively trying to diversify their industries and moving away from heavy pollution manufacturing, but the hinter land and western area might just begin their initial phase of pollution.