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  • To be fair there are some problems with the overall campaign here.

    There isn't one campaign. There are effetively three campaigns, and they're sorta competing with each other

    a) on-site vaccination teams - provided for senior citizen homes (residents and staff) and hospital staff.

    -> Campaign a) is basically finished now. They were at around 90-100% done depending on state in early February. In many states the mobile teams from this campaign transitioned into a roving campaign where e.g. convention centers are used to set up a vaccination center temporarily.
    Hospitals are also no longer provided vaccines for their staff, which are now supposed to use campaign b) and are thus suspect to external auditing of their prioritizaion. While there were some protests from hospitals about that, their reasonings were not exactly endearing them to the public ("we still have to vaccinate the med students interning here") ... especially when it got out that some places had been vaccinating e.g. administrative staff and board members already.

    b) central vaccination centers - pretty much one per county or city (about 400 total), vaccinating people who are mobile by appointment.

    -> Campaign b) is decentralized, which leads to some problems. In some places "leftover" vaccine has been used to vaccinate "volunteers" - which in quite a number of cases were employees or politicians of that county despite this being nominally illegal queue-jumping. In addition many senior citizens living at home are somewhat overwhelmed with the appointment booking process (in most cases through websites or call centers).

    c) vaccination at local doctors - started last week, instantly doubled the daily vaccination rate. Precondition for this campaign was that the EMA ruled it possible to store Biontech vaccine in normal refrigerators for two weeks, which they only did a short while ago.

    -> Campaign c) is problematic in that there is virtually no oversight and in that there are business interests involved. Which means lobbyists galore. Lobby organizations for doctors have already called this week to basically end campaign b), close all vaccination centers and hand the vaccine over to them.

    To my knowledge France similarly runs campaigns a) and b), with vaccination centers even more decentralized (1300 total). There are plans for a c)-style campaign later in the year. Unlike in e.g. the US hospitals or other central healthcare centers are not actively involved in the vaccination campaign here at all (Germany and France).

    Most major companies in Germany are preparing the fourth step, campaign d) now - vaccinations at the workplace by doctors hired by these companies. Won't happen until we scrap the priority list laws.


    • NPR also reported last evening that each state is running their own plan as well. Similar to was forced to do...

      At 62 I was able to go fairly early...and get my 2nd Moderna tomorrow afternoon at a local pharmacy.

      That's about 45 days ahead of work availability.
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      • Nut cases and anti-vaxers seem to be everywhere, eh Kato...


        • A report from Down Under.

          Bad news: the Federal government has completely fucked up the vaccine rollout. Part of this is due to supply issues & part due to the decision to restrict the AstraZeneca vaccine to over 50s, but mostly just incompetence. Despite having had over a year to work this out they still don't have a viable distribution system. We were supposed to have 4 million people vaccinated by now. the current figure is 250,000.

          The current plan is that selected General Practitioner clinics will vaccinate people. While there are many of these (I have 3 in my area), they just aren't set up to do this and they aren't getting paid well enough to do it properly. Even more so now that they have to answer questions about blood clotting. Further, not all of them may have appropriate storage for the Pfizer vaccine. So, it looks like they are going to throw it over to the the states, who will likely set up mass vaccination clinics in addition to GPs.

          One thing this government does excell at is avoiding responsibility, so shifting this to the states is not especially surprising. Given the virtual absence of COVID from Australian shores this isn't causing the political fallout it might elsewhere, but it is still causing some. A few months ago announcements on vaccines had the Liberal party logo attached to them. Not any more. If this isn't sorted by summer or there is another outbreak it will start to hurt them.

          Good news: As mentioned, the reason the government isn't being badly hammered for botching the vaccine rollout is that the only COVID cases here are returned travellers. This week we had the first COVID death in 7 months. We have had about 900 deaths in total from a population of 25 million. Life is virtually back to normal. In Melbourne we are still wearing masks on Public Transport, but that is it. Last Monday I went to my first AFL game since 2019 and sat in a crowd of 50,000. That was only half the capacity of the ground and a bit below the 75% permitted, but it felt normal. Lots of people are still working from home, but that is largely because they want to.

          We know how fortunate we are here. Anyone who doesn't have family and/or friends overseas knows someone who does, so we get regular stories of just how bad many places are. Good luck everyone.


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          • Originally posted by kato View Post
            There is a bowl with more nails set up next to it. It symbolizes the 1500 additional deaths that occured between the installation being erected in the church and the memorial being formally opened with a small religious service

            Click image for larger version

Name:	c4ac531d-855e-49d8-9d88-a2c309d08e6e_w718_r1.497175141242938_fpx56.09_fpy50.jpg
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            The group that organized that original installation organized a new memorial at another church for Easter this year, continuing the symbolism.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	bowl.jpg
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            In the night from dusk on Maundy Thursday to dawn on Good Friday a total of 76,741 nails - again each symbolizing a corona death in Germany - were dropped into this metal bowl, slowly filling it and building up into an almost overflowing heap slowly over a space of 12 hours.

            The liturgic performance was called "Ruf" - "Call" - for each nail dropping into the bowl and onto the heap calls out with a noise and echoes through the empty church, each call different.

            While there is of course Christian religious symbolism involved - both the nails and the bowl, the location and timing - as an atheist i see it as a powerful ceremony transcending that. Especially when the two men's hands near the end look like that:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	bowl2.jpg
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            Germany will have an official ceremony of mourning tomorrow presided by the Federal President, with small local events and flags at half-mast throughout the country. By the time of that we will have passed 80,000 deaths.


            • Originally posted by Reuters_News

              Vietnam detects hybrid of Indian and UK COVID-19 variants
              by Phuong Nguyen
              29 May 2021

              (Hanoi, Vietnam) -Authorities in Vietnam have detected a new coronavirus variant that is a combination of the Indian and UK COVID-19 variants and spreads quickly by air, the health minister said on Saturday.

              After successfully containing the virus for most of last year, Vietnam is grappling with a rise in infections since late April that accounts for more than half of the total 6,856 registered cases. So far, there have been 47 deaths.

              "Vietnam has uncovered a new COVID-19 variant combining characteristics of the two existing variants first found in India and the UK," Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long said, describing it as a hybrid of the two known variants.

              "That the new one is an Indian variant with mutations that originally belong to the UK variant is very dangerous," he told a government meeting, a recording of which was obtained by Reuters.

              The Southeast Asian country had previously detected seven virus variants: B.1.222, B.1.619, D614G, B.1.1.7 - known as the UK variant, B.1.351, A.23.1 and B.1.617.2 - the "Indian variant".

              Long said Vietnam would soon publish genome data of the newly identified variant, which he said was more transmissible than the previously known types.

              The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified four variants of SARS-CoV-2 of global concern. These include variants that emerged first in India, Britain, South Africa and Brazil.

              Officials at the WHO did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding the variant identified in Vietnam.

              Long said laboratory cultures of the new variant showed the virus replicated itself very quickly, possibly explaining why so many new cases had appeared in different parts of the country in a short period of time.

              The Health Ministry told the meeting the government was working to secure 10 million vaccine doses under the COVAX cost-sharing scheme, as well as a further 20 million doses of Pfizer's vaccine and 40 million of Russia's Sputnik V.

              The country of about 98 million people has so far received 2.9 million doses and aims to secure 150 million this year.

              (Reporting by Phuong NguyenAdditional reporting by Stephanie Nebehay in Geneva and Brenna Hughes Neghaiwi in ZurichEditing by William Mallard and Helen Popper)




              • Originally posted by CNBC

                Rising Covid cases in Vietnam and India could push manufacturing back to China, says economist

                CNBC International TV
                24 May 2021

                Zhiwei Zhang of Pinpoint Asset Management says that if the supply chain disruptions in Vietnam and India go on for a long time due to Covid-19, China could see export growth continuing into next year.