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Which country defaults first in 2010? why?, and outcomes.

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    BD1, then you wonder why the Baltic states are put in one basket
    Because they're Pagans that the might teutonic knights must put down with their righteous..... oh wait.

    either way though. I do wonder for example if say... Catalonia and/or Andalusia seceed from Spain what would happen to the Spanish debt. it would be midly amsuing from a historical pospective too though since that would kinda revert Iberia back to Pre- reconqusita situation .


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      Originally posted by Doktor View Post

      BD1, then you wonder why the Baltic states are put in one basket.

      Look at your reaction over LV, Ah, I forgot, your in laws are having a gun pointed at you :)
      it´s just not one basket, but that the wankers of doom trawl through the web, making predictions full of götterdammerung etc., but do not follow up their predictions with status reports.
      i´m the first to admit that 5th year of the crisis has made me (or us all?) bit ...brittle..., but i have taken very ill view of persons who do make different predictions/assumptions, but do not take responsibilty for the mistakes later. fatherhood thing probably :)
      If i only was so smart yesterday as my wife is today

      Minding your own biz is great virtue, but situation awareness saves lives - Dok


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        "Wankers of doom" :whome: Well, I'll remember that one.

        The summer is almost over, good mood is about to wane. More trawling on the horizon I guess.
        No such thing as a good tax - Churchill

        To make mistakes is human. To blame someone else for your mistake, is strategic.