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John McCain dead at 81

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    Originally posted by Oracle View Post
    I didn't know McCain commanded this much respect from both the parties. He lost because of his VP choice Palin?
    This will give you some background:

    McCain had enough popularity among Dems to make him pretty popular overall, but Obama was significantly more popular. Also, McCain's popularity among Dems varies with whether McCain is useful for the Dem agenda: his popualrity slipped a lot when he was in favor of the surge, when he ran against Obama, and when Jon Stewart made him the face of anti-gay marriage and said he would be forever remembered as the guy opposing civil rights. He became more popular when he was the guy sticking a twig in Trump's eye.

    Beating Obama in 2008 as a Republican was next to impossible, especially after the financial crisis The only Presidents who would've had a chance would be one of the more well-known Founding Fathers, Abraham Lincoln, JFK, or Reagan, and Obama would likely have defeated them all except George Washington.

    I've personally found him one of the more overrated American political figures, but he has a well-deserved reputation for trying to forge a bipartisan consensus, which is increasingly rare.
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