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Jones defeats Moore

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  • Jones defeats Moore

    Looks like the only votes left to be counted are in heavily Democratic areas, and Jones has a widening lead over Moore.
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    An Upset In Trump Country: Democrat Doug Jones Bests Roy Moore In Alabama

    NPR, December 12, 20178:00 PM Eastern time

    It's the first Democratic Senate victory in the state in 25 years and now gives Republicans an even narrower, 51-49 Senate majority
    Moore refused to concede Tuesday night, saying that his campaign would "wait on God and let this process play out." He pointed to the uncertain write-in totals he believed could still change the outcome and trigger a recount. However, there has to be a difference of 0.5 percent or less between the two candidates to trigger an automatic recount, and with almost all the votes in, Jones' margin of victory was about three times that.
    "Today, in one of the most Republican states in the nation, the people of Alabama chose common decency and integrity over partisan politics," Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., said in a statement. "Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee did the opposite, siding with a candidate who wanted to drag Alabama back to the days of George Wallace and faced a mountain of credible evidence that he had engaged in child sexual abuse. ... President Trump, Republican Senate candidates and the Republican National Committee showed us exactly who they are by standing with Roy Moore — and we will make sure voters do not forget it."
    Steve Bannon — Trump’s former chief strategist who has since returned to lead Breitbart News — supported Moore and rallied with him in the closing days. Bannon had long touted Moore as part of the "war" he had promised to wage on the GOP establishment, backing challengers to sitting incumbents who would take on McConnell and support Trump's agenda.

    A headline on Breitbart News proclaimed that "REPUBLICAN SABOTEURS FLIP SEAT TO DEMS."
    Even the state's senior GOP senator, Richard Shelby, had admitted he didn't vote for Moore, saying "the Republican Party can do better" and revealing he had instead written in another candidate. That may have pushed other on-the-fence Republicans to also write in a candidate, and that margin could have helped ultimately tip the race in Jones' favor.

    Condoleezza Rice, a Birmingham native who served as secretary of state under President George W. Bush, cut a robocall in the race, not-so-subtly urging voters in her home state to "reject bigotry, sexism and intolerance."
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