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Erdoğan says America discovered by Muslims, wants mosque on Cuba hill

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    Originally posted by Bigfella View Post
    Left out Africans who may have got to Sth America & the Carribean.
    I left out the Africans because the bulk of them did not arrive y choice and was unaware they sailed the Atlantic.


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      Not talking about slavery Z. Strong possibility that Africans had some contact with Sth America before Columbus:

      According to the abstract of Columbus's log made by Bartolomé de las Casas, the purpose of Columbus’s third voyage was to test both the claims of King John II of Portugal that “canoes had been found which set out from the coast of Guinea [West Africa] and sailed to the west with merchandise” as well as the claims of the native inhabitants of Hispaniola that “from the south and the southeast had come black people whose spears were made of a metal called guanín...from which it was found that of 32 parts: 18 were gold, 6 were silver, and 8 copper.”
      Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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