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Colorado senator is skipping own campaign rally featuring Obama

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  • Colorado senator is skipping own campaign rally featuring Obama

    Mark Udall skipping Obama fundraiser for his campaign - Associated Press -

    By ASSOCIATED PRESS | 7/9/14 11:58 AM EDT

    DENVER ó President Barack Obama on Wednesday will headline his first fundraiser for a Senate Democrat in danger of losing this fall ó but the candidate, Colorado Sen. Mark Udall, wonít be by his side.

    In a last minute switch, Udallís campaign says the senator plans to stay in Washington to vote on Obamaís nominee to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The decision is likely to spark new questions about the political risks for vulnerable Democrats in being linked with an increasingly unpopular president.....

    Udall had already been planning to limit his appearances with the president. The fundraiser is off limits to news cameras. And Udallís campaign announced earlier in the week that the senator would not attend the presidentís economic speech in Denver Wednesday morning, ensuring that there would be no photos of the two men together.

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    Ugh... I live in Colorado and so far the campaign has been Udall ads saying how evil Gardner is for supporting a person-hood amendment and banning certain types of birth control. Seriously not one ad about the economy, energy development, foreign policy, not a one. I am still ticked that Udall and Bennett didn't help bring the bill that would have reopened the National Parks to the senate floor. They combined with the Montana democrat senators could have gotten those parks reopened. Estes Park needed it because the gov't shut down came right after the first of the closed roads into town re-opened due to damages from the September 2013 floods. Real Coloradans were hurt because these two clown senators played party politics over the needs of their constituents. At least some of our reps (both republican and democrats) broke walking in lockstep with their parties to try and lessen the blow of the government shut down.