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Coulter: Any growing interest in soccer a sign of nation's moral decay

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    Originally posted by toffee View Post
    Your house? After 20 posts including three very rude post towards me?

    Stupidity? Your don't believe there are conservatives out there that admire Ann Coulter? Or you thinking that she is a darling for the liberals?
    If you had payed enough attention here rather than talking you would know who he is and why you need to just shut up now. You won't live long enough & achieve enough to earn the respect he has here.

    Stop talking, start paying attention and improve the quality of your posts. Right now the person telling you this is just a senior poster. Soon it will be someone in a position to make your stay here short.

    Tick, tick, tick.

    Win nervously lose tragically - Reds C C


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      Oops. Too late!

      Win nervously lose tragically - Reds C C


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        My opinion is that Ann Coulter is a professional troll. She is smart enough to know what will get her name in the news and people reading her stuff. I can't know for certain, but my hunch is that and the money she gets is all she really cares about. She knows that the World Cup was getting a lot of attention, so how to get attention off that, come up with this piece. I wouldn't call it satire, but I will call it trolling.

        I could be wrong and maybe she honestly thinks that soccer is the game of Satan. I have my doubts on that.


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          Originally posted by Double Edge View Post

          Not on a competitive level.

          In Canada and the US no girls on any level in any team sport play with boys past the ages of 6 to 10 depending on the game. We play contact games where grown men are only allowed to cry after a massive loss or a broken bone. It's looked on favorably if you continue to play with said broken bone.

          I tried to get into soccer when I lived in Europe. I couldn't do it. The "shwarming" is disgusting, I don't know what I hate more; the fact that it's cheating or that a grown man is acting like a 6 year old girl.

          So who is this Ann Coulter? This was a joke tease article right?

          Nightowl, I loved your hand egg diggs. Made me laugh.
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          Originally posted by GVChamp
          College students are very, very, very dumb. But that's what you get when the government subsidizes children to sit in the middle of a corn field to drink alcohol and fuck.