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    Originally posted by antimony View Post
    You don't get it at all, do you?

    The essence of the thread is this

    Entrenched industry bullying and lobbying to stifle innovation. Tesla is just an example of this. Other valid on topic examples would include how the broadband industry is up in arms about municipal networks or Google Fiber. But no, you had to launch a tirade against Tesla, which I see that you are continuing.

    For the record, criticism of Tesla making money off Environmental credits maybe a valid criticism (though I would argue that it increases innovation on the battery technology front), but what does that have to do anything with selling cars straight to consumers without getting dealers in the mix?
    Sure, I get it, and as I said originally I don't disagree. If you hadn't kept trying to pin me to an argument I never made, and ignoring what I was actually saying, this thread would have stayed on that topic. But if you're finally done with that then I will gladly stop driving home my actual point.
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      What's the beef here?

      Tesla gets subsidies, big 3 get subsidies. Either cut them for all of them or let it be.

      I am confused why the subsidies go for over $80k cars.

      As for the middleman cut, is it tied to these subsidies? If it is I clearly missed it.

      Jobs will be lost? I am shocked, shocked, technology cuts jobs in one sector and creates new ones elsewhere.
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