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  • American Police State Future

    I listened to this and it seemed very bleak. Very dissapointed in the increased surveillance state and the general control issues with cops becoming so militarized going on control trips. It seems to some degree why live in a world such as this? when kids are cited for using imaginary guns and bows and arrows as weapons violations and then cops come to investigate it becomes so ridiculous and yet real and completely discussing. Why strive or improve for a society such as this? what would be the drive for anyone to participate or attempt good things if the whole predicate is on thuggery be it gov't or bureaucratic in enforcement of a way of thought or being without lifting one's head to examine the nature around you and challenge yourself in different ways. Sad really.

    Boy fires imaginary bow and arrow, gets suspended - The Commentator

    Zero tolerance ‘insane madness’ in Virginia
    “In early December, my son shot what amounts to a spitwad. They classified the spit wad as a weapon, expelled my son from school the rest of the year, filed assault charges on him with the sheriff’s department, mandated that he take ‘substance-abuse counseling’ and ‘anger-management counseling’ and must do 24 hours of community service.”

    Originally suspended for 10 days after the Dec. 10 incident, Andrew later was suspended for the balance of the school year following a Dec. 21 hearing before the Spotsylvania County school board. His criminal charges will be expunged if he completes the diversion program for first-time offenders.

    “The school board feels that they gave the child and his father a fair hearing and handled the situation appropriately,”
    I think the school board should be flogged by the town tarred and feathered and ran out of the town.
    Originally from Sochi, Russia.

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    Flogging is too good for this school board but unfortunately school boards have been getting away with going overboard for a long time and that points to a total lack of parental involvement. Run a few dozen mad as hell parents into the next meeting and you will see how quickly the board will back peddle. I especially love the irony of zero tolerance with guns. Some schools cant even post a sign with a gun and a slash over it to signify a "gun free" zone. Yep. the idiots are running the asylum.

    As for the government abuses, and lets be honest, abuses are exactly what they are, one of the symptoms of a government getting too big. Every day it is becoming more clear that their greatest fear is not from the criminals or outsiders…but the very law abiding citizens the government is supposed to be working for. This will get progressively worse until either the citizenry capitulates and becomes slaves…or revolts and takes back their country.
    Removing a single turd from the cesspool doesn't make any difference.


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      The "zero tolerance" with guns isn't stupid- it's a very calculated effort to brand guns as evil in the minds of children and frightening their parents into supporting it out of fear their kids will be kicked out of school. It is the intent of the people behind these policies to destroy what they see as the "gun culture" of America by making even the use of the word gun or the image of a gun so negative that kids will be afraid to say it or think it and will see any one who has anything to do with guns as extreme. Pure and simple, this is the thought police trying to re-brand gun ownership and use. If more parents stood up to this kind of nonsense it might do some good- bureaucrats typically fear bad publicity, but the sad fact (really more my anecdotal observation anyway) is that more and more parents are fearful of the consequences of seeming like extremists and the negative affects it would have on their children that there won't be many that speak out against it. Also the lack of parental involvement in their children's lives, the lack of guidance and moral direction, and the coarsening of the culture has more to do with youth violence than any "gun culture". Maybe a street or gang culture that seems to be glamorized by the entertainment industry, but again if parents supervised or guided what their kids watched or listened to or played on the computer, it wouldn't have the effect that it does. The government is going to be what we let it and what we ask for imho. If we refuse to take responsibility for our kids- the govt will take it. If we refuse to make judgements or call out a foul when we see one, those in power will not worry about anyone's opinion.


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        they also had 'sexual assault' charges against a five year old boy for holding hands with a girl in kindergarten or something.
        and something similar for another kid that kissed a girls hand...

        A Colorado six-year-old is suspended for sexual harassment. He kissed a classmate
        [something similar to this] cant find links but they talk about it on the show.
        4 year old suspended for hugging teacher's aide
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        Originally from Sochi, Russia.


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          that's just disturbing.