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    Originally posted by FJV View Post
    You might consider, that fighting for air can put more stress on your body than the medicine does. In a way the asthma can shorten your life more than the medicine.

    There are also the dreams you get to experience, when an Asthma episode happens during sleep. Mine take the form of drowning with the extra effect added that it really is harder to breathe, then I wake up with a mild asthma attack.

    It also royally pisses me off, when on a bad day one is wheezing like an old guy after climbing some stairs.

    And I have just a mild form really, where the medicines do a good job of keeping it manageable.
    I went from Mountaineering in February (healthy as a horse) to working in Sacramento in June-October. I had to leave by September as I could no longer go up a flight of stairs and had coughing fits to the point where I would pass out. One time I passed out in my bathroom and put my head through the drywall. My sinuses completely closed. It took a couple of years to be diagnosed with asthma. I hear you loud and clear about being pissed off when doing even moderate activities. Things have improved since then but I am still nowhere near where I could breath before all this happened. My recent and second sinus surgery really opened things up…finally. I can walk but jogging is still a pipe dream. The amount of medicine I have had to take really bothers me. Everything they give me has potential nasty side effects. Then there are the "are you trying to make me sicker?" medicines I get to try. It has been narrowed down to allergy causing. At this point I am just wanting to know what the big offender is so I can avoid it.
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      Originally posted by cyppok View Post
      There are salt caves near Kiev and in the U.S. for asthma suffers where they can come and its' easier to breathe because the air is ultra dry.l
      Ukrainian salt mines reinvented as a haven for asthma sufferers | World news | The Guardian
      some in donetsk too i thinkBBC NEWS | Europe | Ukrainian mine helps asthmatics
      Halotherapy for Asthma - Asthma
      The history of Speleo / Halotherapy | Himalayan salt therapy
      speleotherapy (no drugs)

      Salt Therapy for Allergies, Sinusitis & Asthma - Does It Work? - Alternative Treatment - Allergy
      Thanks. I will look into these.
      Removing a single turd from the cesspool doesn't make any difference.


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        Originally posted by Stitch View Post
        Amen to that, especially if you live in the Central Valley (like I do)!

        I'm okay, but my wife and one of my kids have mild asthma, probably brought on by breating this crappy air down here in the Valley; if it's not mold or pollens, then it's the amazing amount of dust that gets kicked up every year during almond harvesting season. And if it's winter (like it is now), then it's all the wood smoke from people who are too poor to pay their heating bill, so they have to burn wood to stay warm.
        At worse I used to have seasonal hay fever. When the grass season was over so were my problems. California changed my life to all year long allergies. I am thinking I picked up a mold that threw me under the bus. Oddly smoke from wood fires doesn't really affect me. cigarette smoke does. My wood stove does a wonderful job of supplying dry heat which dried out the house and my sinuses. Not paying the greedy power company to heat my home is a bonus.
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          Originally posted by Doktor View Post
          Most common triggers are smoke and dust, from what you wrote before it seems like you avoid these (I am under impression you live somewhere near woods). However, cold air is also a trigger. What I can recommend to you is a deserted island. Near water full with iodine. Or to stay close to that new stove during winter.
          Cold air only bothers me when my throat is raw. Then there is a lot of dry hacking. The only dust that bothers me short term is anything fiberglass related. I used to take a lot of tums and other heartburn stuff to save my throat but I recently tried an over the counter anti yeast extract and the heartburn is gone and the reaction to cold air is not so bad either.
          Removing a single turd from the cesspool doesn't make any difference.