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  • Christopher Lane Memorial Fund

    Technically this isn't the right forum for this, but it will get more traffic, which is the whole point.

    After the last thread on this topic I'll make this my first & last post. For anybody who wants to do more than drag Chris Lane into somebody else's argument there are links a Memorial Fund. I'm not sure if this is one fund or two. They were set up to provide for the Lane family to travel to the US to bring their boy home for burial. The excess funds will go into a Foundation to memorialize Chris. I suspect at least some of it will provide scholarships to young Australians keen to pursue baseball in the US. Thus far the amount raised has far exceeded expectations.

    Christopher Lane Memorial Fund

    Christopher Lane Fund by Marshall Veal - GoFundMe

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    Money well spent IMO.
    Removing a single turd from the cesspool doesn't make any difference.