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How many of you are democrats,republicans, and independents

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    Originally posted by Kipruss
    I'm a member of the NZ Labour Party so that would make me similar to a Democrat.

    One notable exception is we believe in free trade. Most other countries prefer to subsidise their farmers/ steel workers and set quotas so we can't sell as much as a foreign consumer wants to buy or they add tariffs to our exports so if the foreign consumer still wants to buy our product they have to pay an added tax to their own government (or in practice we have to lower our prices and therefore we get less money).

    We used to be the same as the EU/Japan/US and others but we almost ran out of money in the 1980's, lol, so we had to go the free trade route.

    We also signed up to Kyoto.
    Well, the Democrats are some-what free trade. At least the centerist ones who come from the Democratic Leadership Council( ) . Bill Clinton played around before getting elected to get union support, then eventually signed NAFTA. But yeah, support subsidies isn't going to go away anytime soon. Also, read about NZ's 1980s period before - ouch.