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  • Kerry Vietnam Photo Fraud

    Monday, May 17, 2004 12:50 p.m. EDT
    Swift Boat Vets Accuse Kerry of Vietnam Photo Fraud

    Eleven out of a group of 19 Vietnam Swift Boat veterans pictured in Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign literature demanded on Monday that he stop misrepresenting them as supporters.

    "Many of us don't want to be included in that picture because we have a rather unsavory feeling about this fellow," Kerry boatmate Bob Elder told nationally syndicated radio host Linda Chavez.

    Citing the top Democrat's anti-war activities after he returned from Vietnam, Elder told Chavez, "We regard the fact that he rallied the American public against his fellow comrades in arms as basically a betrayal of all of us."

    Swift Boat veteran Bill Shumadine, who's also pictured in the campaign literature, told the Liberty Broadcasting host that he didn't want to be associated with Kerry in any way, calling his conduct after the war "very offensive."

    "Having my picture there it appears that I somehow support his cause," Shumadine explained, adding, "It's not something that I'm proud to be associated with."

    Elder, Shumadine and nine others have banded together in a group they call "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth," which includes more than 220 Vietnam veterans who served in Kerry's unit.

    Of the remaining six veterans pictured in the photograph, "one is deceased and three do not wish to be involved in any manner; only two of the 19 are believed to support Kerry," the group said in a Monday press release.

    "His use of a photograph with his 18 comrades with knowledge that 12 of them condemn him ... is a complete misrepresentation to the public and a total fraud," Shumadine added.

    Elder told Chavez that the group of 12 included not only Kerry's boat mates but also two of his superior officers, who joined in condemning the Democratic presidential candidate.

    He noted also that at a press conference Friday in Washington, the group was joined by Jim Zumwalt, son of the late Adm. Elmo Zumwalt, former chief of naval operations during the Vietnam War.

    "Even Jim Zumwalt, on his father's behalf, joined us in condemning the activities of John, saying they do not make this man a fit candidate for commander in chief," Elder told Chavez.

    In an open letter to Kerry included with the press release, the group said: "We did not give permission for you to use a photo including our image, nor do we support you. ... We join our fellow Swiftees who believe that someone who heaped scorn and lies on his own unit for his personal political gain is not fit to be Commander in Chief."

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    When 229 men you served with in combat want nothing at all to do with you, there's something wrong, eh?

    Kerry is a liar and a fraud.
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      Originally posted by M21Sniper
      When 229 men you served with in combat want nothing at all to do with you, there's something wrong, eh?

      Kerry is a liar and a fraud.
      This is only the obvious -I believe- but what was Kerry thinking? I seem to ask myself that more and more every day...


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        I don't think he thinks much at all...


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          Kerry is a fool. People are going to vote for this idiot. This moron could be president.
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