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  • Outrage huh??

    "Rest assured Pat Tillman is a hero along with:Christopher Gelineau, 23, of Portland, Maine, who was killed in an explosion outside Mosul, or Marvin Camposiles, 25, of Austell, Ga., Jonathan Hartman, 27, of Jacksonville, Fla., Michael McGlothin, 21, of Milwaukee, Wis., or Robert Henderson II, 33, of Alvaton, Ky."

    April 16

    Your contradictory essay reminds me of a contradictory American Presidential candidate. O, how your omniscient attitude gleams in your words. You, my friend are not that self proclaimed leftest, you must be American before choosing a side and you are no American.

    What was your topic? If i may ask? You described the United States as a self-critical, incapable nation (your exact words). You later described them as cheerleaders for the home team. Self-critical cheerleaders? You also addressed the stupidity of the Iraqi and Afghani wars. O,yes, and Pat Tillman. Very uhm, well, it was very something, but that something was never made clear in your uneloquent attemt at blasphemy.

    In your neighborhood Pat Tillman is a pendejo. In mine Tillman is a neighborhood hero. So what of his nationalist attitude. A nationalist is one who leaves politics aside and loves his country, is that wrong? A patriot is a man who guards the welfare of the nation, is that incorrect?

    Take notice I have not mentioned his 3.6 million dollar contract. I have not shined the light on his trade for comfort to duty or as you put it comfort for combat. For he is not a hero for giving that up, neither is he a hero for his death, he is a hero for the life he lived. He is a hero for protecting me. If my dog bites a man holding me at gunpoint and dies in the process, the dog is not a hero for his death or his trade of comfort for duty but rather he is a hero for his service to the man who protects him. Tillman served for his country who many time protected him.

    How ignorant is it to say,"I could tell he was that type of macho guy, from his scowling, beefy face on the CNN pictures," how ignorant is it to say any of what you said? Your comparisons of Tillman to Rambo is ignorant. "...macho, patriotic, crap..." o, so ignorant. You explained his death as a "prophetic idiocy" thats where ignorance turned into a lack of conscience. Describing a mans death as extremely stupid is an offense against everyone. Have you no moral sympethy?

    My fellow Americans I leave you with this: let not others shake your ideaology by weak attempts of assault on character. Never question your feelings, because of persuasive individuals who most of the time make sense. You are Americans, be proud be, national.


    P.s. Mr. Gonzalez do not be mistaken my name ends with the same ending -ez...