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2024 U.S. election of President and Vice President

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  • 2024 U.S. election of President and Vice President

    Perhaps that should be titled "...elections...", plural, as the elections are held separately in each of the 50 States and in the District of Columbia (a few swing states arguably being the most important of those in relatively close elections).

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    Originally posted by Business_Insider

    Trump drops the biggest hint yet that he'll be running in 2024, calling himself the '45th and 47th President' in a video

    Cheryl Teh
    26 January 2022


    Trump drops the biggest hint yet that he'll be running in 2024, calling himself the '45th and 47th President' in a video
    Cheryl Teh Jan 26, 2022, 10:00 PM

    donald trump rally
    Former President Donald Trump dropped a big hint that he will be running for president again in 2024, proclaiming himself the "45th and 47th" president during a golf game. Brandon Bell/Getty Images
    Former President Donald Trump has dropped the biggest hint yet that he will be running in 2024.
    Trump was filmed at a golf game, where a golfing buddy introduces him as the "45th President of the United States."
    In response, Trump is seen turning around, grinning, and saying: "45th and 47th."

    Former President Donald Trump has dropped the biggest hint yet that he plans to make another bid for the presidency in 2024.

    In the video of Trump at one of his Florida golf clubs, one of Trump's golfing partners films him walking up to take a swing, saying: "First on the tee, the 45th president of the United States."

    "The 45th and 47th," Trump says in response, grinning happily to cheers from onlookers and golfing buddies.

    Trump has not publicly announced another presidential campaign, though he has hinted on multiple occasions that he would possibly run again in 2024. However, the former president did say in November that he will "probably" wait until the 2022 midterm elections are over before confirming a 2024 run.

    He teased at a rally in Iowa last October that his 2024 campaign slogan, if he were to run, would be "Make America Great Again, Again."

    Despite a deluge of Trumpworld-related legal troubles, Trump remains immensely popular with his base, leading fellow 2024 contender Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by 43 percentage points in a Reuters/Ipsos poll released in December. Trump has signaled that he would be open to having the Florida governor as a vice-presidential running mate.

    Other Republicans have also hinted that they will run for president in 2024, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who said in December that he would run for president again "in a heartbeat;" Trump-era Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; former Vice President Mike Pence; and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who was once allied with Trump but has become an outspoken critic of the former president's election fraud claims.


    Amazon is already making money on Trump 2024 political merchandising. Check out the link.

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      The Left has a problem. If they finally figure out how to stick a fork in Trump they open the field to his understudies like DeSantis and Pompeo who are just as populist and way less batshit.

      Biden flailing and failing is dragging the Dems down why the progressives drag them left away from the population in a center-right country.


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        Oh, my.

        The official position of the GOP is that the violent attempt to overturn the 2020 election — to circumvent democracy itself through unlawful means — was just politics as usual …

        And still,even so, some people think the left has a problem ?
        Trust me?
        I'm an economist!


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          Originally posted by DOR View Post
          Oh, my.

          The official position of the GOP is that the violent attempt to overturn the 2020 election — to circumvent democracy itself through unlawful means — was just politics as usual …

          And still,even so, some people think the left has a problem ?
          Well, yeah, I mean isn't storming the Capitol Building and screaming "CUT THEIR HEADS OFF!! and "drag them through the streets" legitimate and rational political discourse?

          We should clearly just "move on" or need to dwell on such things. Besides, bOtH sIdEs! Right?
          "Donald Trump and his supporters and allies are a clear and present danger to American democracy" ~ Judge J. Michael Luttig


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            Originally posted by TopHatter View Post

            Well, yeah, I mean isn't storming the Capitol Building and screaming "CUT THEIR HEADS OFF!! and "drag them through the streets" legitimate and rational political discourse?
            In my book that is not discourse but treason against the Constitution and should all be punished as such.


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              Originally posted by TopHatter View Post
              Besides, bOtH sIdEs! Right?
              declared autonomous zones
              attempted storming of the White House
              attempts to burn down federal court houses with people inside them
              multiple other attacks on federal properties
              attempted mass assassination of GOP Congressmembers
              hundreds of riots killing dozens, injuring thousands and doing billions in damages
              Hundreds of federal law enforcement injured
              Thousands of local law enforcement injured
              multiple organized attacks on opposing political party's rallies
              multiple assassination attacks on local law enforcement
              Inauguration day riot
              self declared "resistance" to the duly elected president
              multiple comments by leftie thought leaders glorifying violence Rampage vehicle attack on a parade


              Jan 6

              Yup definitely not both sides......

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                The Memo: Get ready for Biden vs. Trump all over again

                A nation that saw one of the most divisive elections in its history in 2020 is barreling toward another bitter contest in 2024.

                Former President Trump is the dominant figure in the Republican Party despite a sea of troubles and is edging closer to declaring another run for the presidency. Trump held a campaign-style rally on Saturday in South Carolina and will hold another in two weeks in Georgia.

                Meanwhile, President Biden has shown no signs of backing away from an attempt to win a second term, even though he would be 82 by the time of his possible second inauguration. Biden has said more than once that he intends to run, dampening speculation he would bow out and make Vice President Harris the early favorite to be the Democratic nominee.

                Faced with a Biden-Trump choice, the nation could not be more evenly split, at least according to a new Wall Street Journal poll. The survey finds 45 percent of registered voters favoring Biden and 45 percent favoring Trump in a hypothetical 2024 contest between the two men.

                The poll is a startling reminder of Trump's political resilience.

                The former president was impeached twice - once for shady dealings with Ukraine and the second time for his role in inciting the Jan. 6, 2021, riot. He faces several investigative probes and has repeated his false claims of election fraud ad nauseum. He's also been banned from the social media platforms where he once seemed omnipresent.

                Despite it all, he is in a dead heat to beat the incumbent president.

                But even amid encouraging poll numbers, some erstwhile Trump admirers wonder if his divisiveness makes him too flawed a candidate for the GOP to put up in 2024.

                "If he is in a dead heat [with Biden], imagine what Mike Pence or Gov. [Ron] DeSantis or Gov. [Greg] Abbott or Mike Pompeo must be doing," said Barry Bennett, who served as a senior adviser to Trump's 2016 campaign.

                Referring to the perception of Trump among Republican voters, Bennett added, "They love the fight in him. Everybody loves the policies he embodied. But they could do without some of the silliness. And he is also going to have to come up with a reason to run that isn't just 'I'm pissed that I lost.'"

                But is he?

                Polls of Republican voters overwhelmingly show Trump as the runaway favorite to win the GOP nomination if he runs. DeSantis, the conservative Florida governor, is usually a distant second.

                Other choices barely register so far.

                People in Trump's circle insist that the former president is in a stronger position than he was at this point of the 2016 cycle. Back then, Trump ultimately prevailed despite having been dismissed as a joke at the start of his campaign and being far behind his rivals in fundraising.

                By contrast, Trump was sitting on a campaign bank account of around $122 million at the start of this year, according to the latest public financial filings.

                Trump World is also steadfast in the belief that the former president is far better attuned to the populist sentiments of today's GOP base than any other likely candidate.

                That said, a Trump run would not be a straightforward coronation. Many in the GOP are alarmed at the idea of a Trump candidacy, believing that too many people among the general public simply will never vote for him.

                In an Economist-YouGov poll released this week, Trump was viewed unfavorably by 56 percent of adults and favorably by just 41 percent.

                Lucy Caldwell, a political strategist who describes herself as an "ex-Republican," told this column, "I hope it is Trump in 2024 because I think he will be more beatable than these other Republicans."

                Caldwell added, "It's the Josh Hawleys of the world that frighten me the most." Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) is seeking to fill a similar lane to Trump as 2024 looms.

                For Democrats and Trump critics, there is plenty of cause for alarm about Biden's position - at least right now.

                Privately, insiders in both parties think it is nearly certain that Republicans will at least take back control of the House in November's midterm elections - a shift that would hamstring Biden during the second half of his first term.

                The president is also dealing with a nation and a world shaken by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, sky-high inflation, supply chain snarls, and the waning but not gone COVID-19 pandemic.

                Of course, all of that could change. Biden has been encouraging Democrats in recent days to sell their achievements on topics such as job growth and COVID-19 relief going into the midterms. If inflation and COVID-19 were both to abate, the political landscape could be changed entirely.

                Democratic strategist Joe Trippi cautioned against reading anything much into polls this far in advance of an election.

                He cited the Ukraine crisis as just one example of how the world could change in a matter of weeks, never mind the eight months until the midterms or the 32 months until the 2024 election.

                But he also noted the grim reality that the nation is increasingly cleaved into two unyielding political blocs.

                "The polarization and the tribalism of people going into their red and blue camps means any match-up is pretty much 50-50 right now, regardless of who it is," Trippi said.

                In this moment, Biden versus Trump is by far the most likely match-up.

                It's a contest that, if it happens, will deepen the bitter divides even more.
                "Donald Trump and his supporters and allies are a clear and present danger to American democracy" ~ Judge J. Michael Luttig


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                  Imagine if Trump lost a second time to Biden? Trump would probably torch the countryside although I would hope the shock would give him a heart attack.


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                    No to Trump in 2024

                    Donald Trump hasn’t said for sure whether he will run in 2024,” reports NPR. “But he’s having a hell of a lot of fun teasing it.”

                    Donald Trump? In 2024? Why on earth would conservatives choose that guy?

                    I’m serious: Why? Why would we do that when we have a choice? The idea should be absurd, risible, farcical, outré. It should be a punchline, a mania, the preserve of the demented fringe. Politics matters. And because politics matters, it is a bad idea to allow politics to be held hostage by someone who, in his heart of hearts, doesn’t really care. Donald Trump is an extraordinarily selfish man, and he is only too happy to subordinate your interests to his own. Why let him? It is one thing to say, “Well, he may have been a fickle boor, but I liked some of what he did once he was in office”; it’s quite another to put yourself through four more years of the man when you don’t have to. Whatever justification there may have been for picking the “lesser of two evils” in the 2016 or 2020 general election — a justification that was a great deal stronger before Trump refused to accept, and then tried to overturn, the results of the latter — it cannot obtain in 2022.

                    Don’t tell me: Because I’m responding to Trump’s repeated hints, I must be “obsessed” or “deranged” or “jealous.” Or, perhaps, I “want Joe Biden to be president.” Well, no, actually, I don’t. But regardless, Biden is not going to be on the ballot in the next Republican presidential primaries, is he? General elections can be complicated because they require the public to decide whether it wants the Republican or the Democrat, both of whom have already been nominated by their respective parties. But primaries? Primaries are different. In the next Republican primary, the question will be, “Given a free choice, who do you want to run against Joe Biden?” My answer will be, “A Republican who is likely to win — and who, if he wins, will not be an insane mess.” Is that not yours?

                    And please don’t tell me that the GOP should choose Trump again because “he fights.” The Republican Party now has a whole host of other candidates who “fight,” and none of them come with Trump’s baggage, his torpidness, his ill-discipline, his self-indulgence, his abject disregard for our constitutional order, or his pathological, unyielding, surrealistic dishonesty. What, pray tell, did Donald Trump say as president that Ron DeSantis wouldn’t have? What law did he sign that Greg Abbott would have vetoed? Which of the judicial picks that the Federalist Society prepared for him would have been rejected by Tim Scott or Marco Rubio or Kim Reynolds? Trump’s apologists tend to cast him as an unfortunate package deal: You want the policy, you get the lunacy, too. But that isn’t true anymore — if it ever was. Embrace the glorious future, in which you are no longer obliged to tie the agenda you favor to a hand grenade.

                    Also important: That none of the other candidates have lost an election to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and then disgracefully lied about it for a year; that none of the other candidates have inspired a riot in the service of that lie; that none of the other candidates have sat in their country club for the last two years issuing unhinged press releases, delivering impotent endorsements, and attempting to undermine Mitch McConnell, the most effective Republican senator of the last 50 years. Yes, some of the criticisms of Donald Trump were unjust — as have been some of the open-ended investigations into his conduct — but Trump is hated by an awful lot of Americans for good cause, and there is absolutely no reason for those Americans to be asked to sweat their vote again next time around. The GOP does not lack options. It does not need to return to this well.

                    The United States is an enormous and well-populated country, and it really ought to be able to do better than to run a second election between Joe frickin’ Biden and Donald frickin’ Trump. Change, not re-runs, ought to be the GOP’s theme. Change — away from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Change — away from blowhards in their late 70s. Change — away from political leaders who do not do the required reading and who can barely string a sentence together. Donald Trump has spent the last 15 months pretending that he won the 2020 presidential election because he understands that, in the modern era, a nominee who loses an election is a nominee who does not get picked to run again. The Republican Party did not go back to Gerald Ford in 1980, or to George H. W. Bush in 1996, or to Bob Dole in 2000, or to John McCain in 2012, or to Mitt Romney in 2016, and it should not go back to Donald Trump in 2024.

                    The man lost. He’s a loser. It’s time we picked a winner for a change.

                    Poor bastard is gonna get roasted as a Marxist Commit Liberal
                    "Donald Trump and his supporters and allies are a clear and present danger to American democracy" ~ Judge J. Michael Luttig


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                      Russia's Invasion of Ukraine May Be Fatal to Trump

                      By invading Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has united the world against him, torched his economy, exposed the incompetence of his military and jeopardized his hold on power. He's also done serious harm to his faithful friend, Donald Trump.

                      Of course Trump has contributed to this damage, as he often does. After the invasion began, he praised Putin's "genius" and remarked, "He's taking over a country for $2 worth of sanctions. I'd say that's pretty smart." Trump couldn't wait to remind Putin of his unconditional devotion.

                      That supine posture can't be appealing to anyone this side of Tucker Carlson. It looks especially foolish and craven next to the brave defiance of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. And it provides additional evidence for Republicans that nominating Trump in 2024 could be a fatal blunder.

                      In most ways, the next election looks promising for the GOP. According to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, only 42% of Americans approve of Joe Biden's performance, while 57% disapprove. Inflation is surging, and the Fed's efforts to contain it could trigger a recession. The poll found that 46% of Americans plan to vote for a Republican in this year's House elections, compared with 41% who prefer a Democrat.

                      Republicans are likely to have another advantage in 2024. Biden will be 81, which will not be a selling point. Should Biden decide not to run, he has no obvious heir — and the GOP nominee won't have the burden of unseating an incumbent president.

                      Nominating Trump would squander much of the party's advantage. He has already lost the popular vote twice. The record of losers who are renominated is dismal. Republican Thomas Dewey lost to Franklin Roosevelt in 1944 and to Harry Truman in 1948. Democrat Adlai Stevenson got trounced by Dwight Eisenhower in 1952 and 1956.

                      It was in reference to Dewey that Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of Theodore Roosevelt, said, "Any woman knows you can't make a souffle rise twice."

                      Republican Richard Nixon managed to win after falling short on his first try, but he had to wait eight years. Only one losing incumbent has ever made it back to the White House — Grover Cleveland, in 1892.

                      Trump already appears to be losing influence in his party. A recent YouGov poll found that 85% of Republicans regard Russia as an enemy — up from 51% in 2017.

                      The National Journal's political columnist Josh Kraushaar reports that he "is staring at a real chance that his endorsed candidates go zero-for-three in competitive Senate primaries in May." In that case, Republicans who feared his wrath may feel emboldened.

                      On top of these drawbacks is the former president's record of deference to a tyrant who is angling to be indicted for war crimes. His latest praise of Putin is nothing if not predictable.

                      From the time he announced his candidacy in 2015, Trump couldn't have been more subservient if he had been courting Putin's daughter. He frequently said that he "would get along with Putin," whom he described as "brilliant" and "a strong leader."

                      In office, Trump was ever eager to please. He called to congratulate Putin on his 2018 election victory — disregarding briefing instructions that said, "DO NOT CONGRATULATE." He lobbied to restore Russia to the G-7, from which it was banished for its 2014 invasion of Crimea.

                      At a summit meeting in Helsinki, Trump was asked if he agreed with his own intelligence agencies that Putin had meddled in the 2016 election. "President Putin said it wasn't Russia," he replied, as Putin gazed on benignly. "I don't see any reason why it would be." He was mocked as "Putin's poodle," which was an injustice to poodles.

                      Republicans accuse Biden of inviting Russian aggression with his withdrawal from Afghanistan and other displays of "weakness." Nominating Trump would pretty well nullify that charge.

                      Biden gets low marks for his handling of the economy but high ones on Ukraine. By imposing stiff sanctions and sending arms to Ukraine but avoiding direct military involvement, he's managed to avoid either appeasement or war. Despite high gasoline prices, his ban on Russian oil imports wins support from 79% of voters.

                      Anyone running against Trump in 2024 will be able to run scathing TV spots showing him repeatedly praising Putin, interspersed with grim footage of Russian tanks and bleeding Ukrainians. The tagline: "A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin."

                      The GOP has plenty of possible nominees who are not Kremlin stooges. A smart party would choose one of them.
                      "Donald Trump and his supporters and allies are a clear and present danger to American democracy" ~ Judge J. Michael Luttig


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                        Originally posted by TopHatter View Post

                        The GOP has plenty of possible nominees who are not Kremlin stooges. A smart party would choose one of them.
                        Now you're confusing me.
                        First you say "The GOP."
                        Then you say "not Kremlin stooges."
                        Finally, you say "A smart party"

                        Come on, man!
                        Pick one and make your point!
                        Trust me?
                        I'm an economist!


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                          DJT reminds us (again)...

                          ... that he is both reckless and ignorant.

                          ICYMI, Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States, and GOP presidential frontrunner for 2024, called in to Stuart Varney’s show on Fox Business Monday and….

                          (Please stop me if you’ve heard this before.)

                          …reminded us what a thoroughgoing clusterf*ck his mind is.

                          During the interview, Varney tried in vain to get a coherent answer from Trump about what he would do in Ukraine. “There’s this discussion about whether we should send jets, MiG jets to help the Ukrainian Air Force. Would you send in that kind of help?” Varney prompted the former commander-in-chief.

                          “Well maybe even more,” Trump answered, “to be honest with you.”


                          “Like what, Mr. President, like what?” Varney asked as Trump launched into a meandering word salad (and yes, a mixed metaphor seems perfectly appropriate in this context).
                          Let me just explain that Putin is saying things like, Don’t you dare send anything in. In the meantime he’s killing thousands and thousands of people. So he’s acting like we’re an aggressor if we send in some old 44-year-old plane that probably gets shot at in the sky pretty quickly, and he’s acting like we’re terrible people if we do that. But he’s killing tens of thousands of people, far more than they’re reporting.

                          Varney tried. Again.

                          “What do you do now?” the Fox Business host asked. “You said you’d maybe do more than just send in the MiG jets. Alright. What more?”

                          Trump… (well, you try to suss out a coherent thought here):
                          Well what I would do, is I would, we would, we have tremendous military capability and what we can do without planes, to be honest with you, without 44-year-old jets, what we can do is enormous, and we should be doing it and we should be helping them to survive and they’re doing an amazing job.

                          Actually, it got worse.

                          At one point, Trump suggested that as president he would threaten Russia with nuclear submarines. “You should say: ‘Look, you mention that word one more time and we’re gonna send [submarines] over and we’ll be coasting back and forth, up and down your coast.’”

                          That, of course, would be both recklessly escalatory and quite unnecessary, since the submarines do not need to be on Russia’s “coast” to pose a threat.

                          At this point, it’s worth remembering that this is a man who, as a candidate, had no idea what the nuclear triad was (“I think — I think, for me, nuclear is just the power, the devastation is very important to me”); suggested using nukes on hurricanes, and reportedly often asked his aides about the possibility of using nuclear weapons.
                          MSNBC host Joe Scarborough recounted a story an unnamed foreign policy expert told him about Trump and nukes…

                          "Several months ago, a foreign policy expert on the international level went to advise Donald Trump. And three times [Trump] asked about the use of nuclear weapons. Three times he asked at one point if we had them why can't we use them," Scarborough said.

                          During a townhall meeting in 2016, Trump also suggested that he might use nuclear weapons in the Middle East.
                          [Chris] MATTHEWS: Where would we drop  —  where would we drop a nuclear weapon in the Middle East?

                          TRUMP: Let me explain. Let me explain. Somebody hits us within ISIS  —  you wouldn’t fight back with a nuke?

                          And then there was this:
                          Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley took steps to prevent then-President Donald Trump from misusing the country's nuclear arsenal during the last month of his presidency, according to a new book by The Washington Post's Bob Woodward and Robert Costa obtained by NBC News.

                          Speaking of Trump’s inveterate ignorance, George Conway reminded us of this gobsmacking tidbit from the NYT:
                          Mr. Trump did not seem to know, for example, that Britain was a nuclear power and asked if Finland was a part of Russia, Mr. Bolton writes. The president never tired of assailing allied leaders and came closer to withdrawing the United States from NATO than previously known. He said it would be “cool” to invade Venezuela.

                          Exit take: Yes, by all means, let’s give him back the nuclear codes. What could possibly go wrong?

                          "Donald Trump and his supporters and allies are a clear and present danger to American democracy" ~ Judge J. Michael Luttig


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                            GOP votes to withdraw from presidential debate panel
                            The Republican National Committee (RNC) voted Thursday to withdraw from the commission responsible for organizing presidential debates, taking a line from former President Trump, who has repeatedly leveled accusations of anti-Republican bias against the group.

                            The unanimous vote by the RNC effectively bars its presidential nominees from participating in events organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), which has run such debates since 1988.

                            In a statement released shortly after the vote, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said that the GOP would “find newer, better debate platforms to ensure that future nominees are not forced to go through the biased CPD in order to make their case to the American people.”

                            “Debates are an important part of the democratic process, and the RNC is committed to free and fair debates,” she said. “The Commission on Presidential Debates is biased and has refused to enact simple and commonsense reforms to help ensure fair debates including hosting debates before voting begins and selecting moderators who have never worked for candidates on the debate stage.”

                            Thursday’s vote makes good on a threat that the RNC has been holding over the CPD for months. In another escalatory step, the RNC warned the commission last month against fundraising off the idea that the next GOP nominee will participate in the 2024 debates.

                            The CPD was founded in 1987 with the sponsorship of both major political parties. And while both Democrats and Republicans have complained occasionally over the years about how the commission handles debates, antipathy toward the group has grown among Republicans in recent years amid Trump’s criticism of the commission.

                            Should Trump mount another bid for the White House in 2024 and secure the GOP nomination, the RNC rule change virtually guarantees that he won’t participate in the traditional debate calendar.

                            Of course, if Republicans tap someone else for the nomination, the party could always change its rules again, and the eventual nominee will likely have the ultimate say on whether to participate.

                            Good lord what a bunch of wussy snowflakes...
                            "Donald Trump and his supporters and allies are a clear and present danger to American democracy" ~ Judge J. Michael Luttig


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                              They complained that Jim Lehrer of PBS as moderator was biased. Lehrer stopped voting in the early 1970s when he moved to PBS because as a member of its board and on air newscaster he believed it was important he remain neutral.

                              Lehrer's biggest issue si he forced, as much as possible, candidates to stick to the debate rules agreed to by both parties.
                              “Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”
                              Mark Twain