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2021 Trump-Incited Insurrection at Capitol Building

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  • The term 'white privilege' can be tricky, but the Capitol riot provides a clear example that not only does such a thing exist, but that it can have an impact on behaviour.

    First, there was the response to the protest (pre-riot). When BLM came to town DC was packed full of all manner of uniformed personnel, including some 'little green men' without any form of ID. Perhaps they were taking a holiday from snatching people off the streets of Portland in unmarked vehicles. Then there was the use of tear gas & rubber bullets on the crowd when they were considerably less violent than the MAGA mob. Had this been a crowd of angry black folk protesting Trump's re-election they would never have got up the stairs.

    An even clearer example is the attitude of the protesters/rioters. Read some of the comments below. The privilege is so thick you could bottle it.

    Consider how careless and casual they were about committing federal crimes. They’d flown in to undo an election as if it were no bigger deal than a weekend getaway. They expected to march on the Capitol, restore Trump to the throne, memorialize the moment for Instagram and then travel home unscathed, as if what happens in Washington in broad daylight with the world’s news media watching stays in Washington.

    Many were shocked that the police put up any resistance at all. “We backed you guys this summer!” a man can be heard shouting at the police, probably in reference to Black Lives Matter protests. “When the whole country hated you, we had your back!”

    “This is not America,” Andrew McCormick of The Nation overheard a woman saying. “They’re shooting at us. They’re supposed to shoot B.L.M., but they’re shooting the patriots.”

    In a clip that went viral for its obliviousness, a woman who identified herself only as “Elizabeth from Knoxville, Tennessee” complained to Hunter Walker, a reporter for Yahoo News, that she’d been stopped at the door.

    “I made it like a foot inside and they pushed me out and they maced me!” she cries. When Walker asks her why she wanted to go in, she’s exasperated at his ignorance. “We’re storming the Capitol, it’s a revolution!”

    The incongruousness is remarkable: She was there to overthrow the government of the world’s largest superpower, but nobody told her there would be mace.


    Win nervously lose tragically - Reds C C


    • Originally posted by Officer of Engineers View Post
      The irony is that he saved that violent mob of Trump worshipping cultists. There's no part of me that wanted that mob to turn right and walk into a hail of bullets but I wouldn't lose sleep either.
      There was one of him against an entire mob in close proximity. If he had opened fire, there was every possibility that he might have gotten off a few shots and dropped a couple of protesters before being swarmed, subdued and beaten to death or shot with his own gun. I think he was acutely aware of that and kept his gun holstered for that reason.


      • Originally posted by antimony View Post
        There were a couple of idiots who even brought the Indian Flag to that Capitol Hill protest, where I could see the Tricolor fluttering among the Confederate Flag and other hateful objects.
        While I am not arguing with your other points, one thing to keep in mind is that this goes beyond your simplistic explanation of Hindutva nutbags. The idiot who was waving the Indian flag at the Capitol Hill protest turned out to be a Catholic from Kerala.


        Source 2

        Vincent Xavier responded to the two politicians by posting flags of other countries, which he said were also seen at the rally.

        "There is nothing to be ashamed of, we are celebrating our diversity. The world has to know that America is not the racist country it is portrayed as. That the Republican party is not white supremacist. If they were racist, they would not allow me to carry the Indian flag. It was actually showing more respect," he told NDTV.
        He apparently even likes Shashi Tharoor (who is an ardent critic and political opponent of Modi).

        Mr Gandhi flagged a photo of the Congress leader with Vincent Xavier, posted online by users.

        Mr Xavier said he had met with Mr Tharoor in 2015 and had interviewed him over lunch in Washington.

        "I met him twice after that in Indian American, Malayali events. Tharoor is a very good orator. I am always jealous of his English skills...I don't know whether I would consider him a great leader...I would want him to take a bigger role and rescue the Congress party in the shape it is in today, instead of getting into such controversies," he said.
        Make of that what you will.
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        • Originally posted by Firestorm View Post

          There was one of him against an entire mob in close proximity. If he had opened fire, there was every possibility that he might have gotten off a few shots and dropped a couple of protesters before being swarmed, subdued and beaten to death or shot with his own gun. I think he was acutely aware of that and kept his gun holstered for that reason.
          The Colonel is referring to the security forces that would've opened fire on the crowd. Instead, Goodman led them away from that risk to their health.
          Supporting or defending Donald Trump is such an unforgivable moral failing that it calls every bit of your judgement and character into question. Nothing about you should be trusted if you can look at this man and find redeemable value


          • Oh, my mistake then. Apologies.


            • Originally posted by Firestorm View Post
              Oh, my mistake then. Apologies.
              Been thinking even more about it, and I'm realizing just how close that crowd came to getting mowed down....
              I mean, they're clearly out of blood, chasing a single officer with intent to do damage...and cops tend to dislike it when people do that to their brother officers. It probably would've looked like this, only much much bloodier

              Supporting or defending Donald Trump is such an unforgivable moral failing that it calls every bit of your judgement and character into question. Nothing about you should be trusted if you can look at this man and find redeemable value



                Exclusive: Large bitcoin payments to right-wing activists a month before Capitol riot linked to foreign account

                Jenna McLaughlin
                ·National Security and Investigations Reporter
                Thu, January 14, 2021, 1:19 PM

                WASHINGTON — On Dec. 8, someone made a simultaneous transfer of 28.15 bitcoins — worth more than $500,000 at the time — to 22 different virtual wallets, most of them belonging to prominent right-wing organizations and personalities.

                Now cryptocurrency researchers believe they have identified who made the transfer, and suspect it was intended to bolster those far-right causes. U.S. law enforcement is investigating whether the donations were linked to the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol.

                While the motivation is difficult to prove, the transfer came just a month before the violent riot in the Capitol, which took place after President Trump invited supporters to “walk down Pennsylvania Avenue” and “take back our country.”

                Right-wing figures and websites, including VDARE, the Daily Stormer and Nick Fuentes, received generous donations from a bitcoin account linked to a French cryptocurrency exchange, according to research done by software company Chainalysis, which maintains a repository of information about public cryptocurrency exchanges and whose tools aid in government, law enforcement and private sector investigations. Chainalysis investigated the donations after Yahoo News shared the data points about the transaction.

                According to one source familiar with the matter, the suspicious Dec. 8 transaction, along with a number of other pieces of intelligence, has prompted law enforcement and intelligence agencies in recent days to actively investigate the sources of funding for the individuals who participated in the Capitol insurrection, as well as their networks. The government is hoping to prevent future attacks but also to uncover potential foreign involvement in or support of right-wing activities, the source said.

                During a press conference on Tuesday on the investigation into the Capitol riot, acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin said the “scope and scale of this investigation in these cases are really unprecedented.” At this time, Sherwin added, prosecutors are treating the matter as a “significant counterterrorism or counterintelligence investigation” involving deeper dives into “money, travel records, disposition, movement, communication records.”

                One of the ways extremist groups have made money in recent years is online through cryptocurrency and crowdfunding. Bitcoin, which was anonymously released online in 2009 as open-source software, exists only virtually. It does not utilize a central bank or administrator to disburse funds, nor does any government control or distribute it. While bitcoin has fluctuated in value in recent years, and continues to do so, it gained mainstream popularity around 2017, the same year prominent alt-right figure Richard Spencer tweeted, “Bitcoin is the currency of the alt right.”

                A 2017 Washington Post investigation explored how far-right groups turned even more aggressively toward bitcoin following the deadly August 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va. The story cited research by the nonprofit Southern Poverty Law Center that identified a large bitcoin donation to Andrew Anglin, the editor of the Daily Stormer, a prominent neo-Nazi website that accepts bitcoin donations. At the time, the donation was worth around $60,000.

                A “newfound expertise in online messaging and recruitment, coupled with the fact that modern extremist groups are generally young and digitally savvy, means that these organizations and individuals have fundamentally altered the way that extremists raise money,” wrote Alex Newhouse, a data analyst at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, in a 2019 report that explored the links between white supremacists and digital currency.

                Some prominent right-wing groups or sites display their bitcoin wallets prominently, the report noted. “The lack of regulation over Bitcoin has driven its adoption by white supremacists,” it said.

                While cryptocurrency has been used by extremist groups and criminals to raise funds while shielding their identities, bitcoin is pseudonymous rather than anonymous. Bitcoin wallet addresses are permanent, and the digital ledger of transactions, called the blockchain, is public and can’t be changed. That means if people identify their bitcoin wallet addresses, as many right-wing groups do to raise funds, transactions can be traced, which is what allowed Chainalysis to uncover information about the source of the large December donations.

                The source of the funding, according to research conducted by Chainanalysis, appears to be a computer programmer based in France who created an account in 2013 — and who maintained a personal blog, which was not updated between 2014 and Dec. 9, 2020, the day after the “donations.”

                Chainalysis researchers discovered a blog post from the bitcoin user that reads like an apparent suicide note, bequeathing his money to “certain causes and people” in light of what he describes as “the decline of Western civilization,” though the researchers were unable to confirm that the user was in fact dead. Chainalysis declined to publish the user’s name, citing privacy concerns due to the inability to conclusively confirm his death and out of concerns over ongoing law enforcement investigations.

                An email to the apparent French donor did not immediately receive a reply.

                Chainalysis investigators relied on openly available information, or public bitcoin transactions, to investigate and map out the large transaction. The original donor was registered on NameID, an internet service that allows bitcoin users to tie their online pseudonym or email address with their bitcoin profile — information the original donor included. Investigators tracked that email address to the blog, and to several cryptocurrency forum posts going back to 2013.

                According to their research, Fuentes, a popular right-wing commentator who was suspended from YouTube last winter for violating its policies on hate speech, received the largest chunk of funding on Dec. 8 — about $250,000 in bitcoin. The Daily Stormer and the anti-immigration website VDARE were among the other recipients.

                Yahoo News reached out to the recipients named in this article to confirm whether they had received the funding, what information they had about the donor and what they planned on doing with the funds. None returned a request for comment, although Fuentes tweeted an obscene gesture, naming several journalists, including this reporter, shortly after the inquiry was sent.

                While the Daily Stormer website openly requests cryptocurrency donations, it also includes a disclaimer that says it is “opposed to violence” and that “anyone suggesting or promoting violence in the comments section will be immediately banned.”

                While there’s no evidence that Fuentes directly participated in the Capitol riot, something he has so far denied, the financial resources of prominent right-wing actors are of growing interest to law enforcement.

                “I’d be stunned if both nation-state adversaries and terrorist organizations weren’t figuring out how to funnel money to these guys,” one former FBI official who reviewed the data for Yahoo News said. “Many of them use fundraising sites (often in Bitcoin) that are virtually unmonitored and unmonitorable. If they weren’t doing it, they’d be incompetent.”

                Additionally, much like conversations that took place on social media in the weeks leading up to the Capitol riot, the digital currency transactions are happening in plain sight. While cryptocurrency has the reputation of being anonymous and shadowy, that’s actually a common misconception, explained Maddie Kennedy, Chainalysis’s communications director. “With the right tools you can follow the money,” she said. “Cryptocurrency was designed to be transparent.”

                While there are methods that cryptocurrency users can deploy to obfuscate their identities — including using “privacy coins” such as Monero, which are difficult to trace, or using a “mixer” that allows various users to combine their bitcoins and mix them together to disguise their origin — there’s no indication the French programmer utilized those tools, Kennedy said.

                Though the donations are not a smoking gun or indicative of a crime, and it remains unclear to what extent the Capitol riot was coordinated in advance, the activity is nonetheless revealing, according to Kennedy.

                “These extremist groups are probably more well organized and well funded than what was previously believed,” she said. Chainalysis maintains a database of “domestic extremists” who have cryptocurrency accounts, and while the company has traced donations to right-wing groups over the years, the December deposit was “the single biggest month we’ve ever observed” directed toward these causes, the researchers wrote.

                “This is evidence to show they’re raising money,” Kennedy said. Additionally, the fact that the donor was outside the United States suggests “this has international scope,” she continued, a fact that “law enforcement should be paying attention to.”
                There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "My ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."- Isaac Asimov


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                  "Draft beer, not people."


                  • Originally posted by Bigfella View Post

                    Careful Buck, you'll scare all us Furners away.

                    The issue for me is a willingness to be informed by good sources and a willingness to try to understand. That includes listening to & learning from informed Americans. If I were repeatedly being told by intelligent Americans that I straight out didn't understand the topic (as opposed to just having a different political opinion) I would seek to inform myself rather than read more stuff by Australians commentating on the US. That lack of self awareness seems to be an issue here.
                    Good made my point so much better!
                    “Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”
                    Mark Twain


                    • Originally posted by Firestorm View Post
                      While I am not arguing with your other points, one thing to keep in mind is that this goes beyond your simplistic explanation of Hindutva nutbags. The idiot who was waving the Indian flag at the Capitol Hill protest turned out to be a Catholic from Kerala.


                      Source 2

                      He apparently even likes Shashi Tharoor (who is an ardent critic and political opponent of Modi).

                      Make of that what you will.
                      There were actually more than one. Vincent Xavier is a catholic, but there was at least another person from Andhra (or Telengana) who was a card-carrying VHP guy. Also, a Malayali catholic aligning with the Sangh is not news. In India, many of the minorities, especially in states with a high Muslim population (like Kerala, WB, and obviously J&K) align with the Hindutva side. You should watch his video, very aligned to the right-wing message
                      "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" ~ Epicurus


                      • Local newspapers turn on Lauren Boebert as 68 state politicians demand investigation into Capitol riot role

                        The demand for an investigation into Lauren Boebert gained traction after 68 elected officials from Colorado wrote to House speaker Nancy Pelosi, condemning the representative’s alleged association with “right-wing groups that supported the insurrection of Capitol Building."

                        Ms Boebert is the representative for Colorado's third congressional district in Congress.

                        “We have heard overwhelmingly from our constituents, therefore her constituents, that there is deep concern about her actions leading up to and during the protests that turned into a violent deadly mob," said the letter signed by officials, including mayors, county commissioners and town council members, reported the Steamboat Pilot & Today newspaper.

                        Ms Boebert had tweeted details about the location of Speaker Pelosi during the 6 January attack on the US Capitol that had left five people dead. “We were locked in the House Chambers,” she wrote, followed shortly with, “The Speaker has been removed from the chambers," even as several House members confirmed that they were instructed to not share their location in the building.

                        The lawmaker, who had supported president Donald Trump’s claim of election fraud, is also being slammed by local news outlets for her role in the Capitol breach.

                        “Boebert is using her office to damage the US. We can’t imagine that’s what her constituents had in mind when they elected her just a few months ago,” wrote the Denver Post, in a stinging editorial on Thursday. “Coloradans — especially her constituents — need definitive answers about whether she was a hapless victim of Trump’s actions or whether she was a participant in an effort to prevent the peaceful transition of power,” it said.

                        Ms Boebert, while condoning the Capitol riot had said: “I denounced the violence over the summer just as I did the recent events at the Capitol. I defended our Constitution and I always will."

                        However, she is under fire for disclosing the location of lawmakers which could have put their lives in danger.

                        "So were we in the House. @laurenboebert was told by the Sergeant of Arms in the chamber to not make any social media posts. It was said repeatedly. She defied it because she is more closely aligned with the terrorists than the patriots," wrote Representative Eric Swalwell, who was housed with Ms Boebert during the siege.

                        Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii also supported an investigation into congressional members who were coordinating with or aiding the rioters.

                        "It’s not clear to what extent the rioters were coordinating operationally with government officials, so we ought to be extremely careful in this line of inquiry," he said. "But we must discover which elected and appointed officials, if any, and which civil servants were helping the coup," Mr Schatz said.

                        Earlier, on 8 January, Colorado House speaker, Russ George, during an interview with The Daily Sentinel, said that her role was “unforgivable”.

                        “I’m inclined to hold everybody who had any role in (Wednesday’s events) accountable and responsible, and that includes Boebert. It’s unforgivable …” the Republican said.

                        There's a lot of disjointed and probably unconnected "insider help" evidence floating around. I'm more inclined to use Hanlon's Razor until something more definitive comes out though. Trying to immediately diagnose chaotic events is a great way to land yourself in conspiracy theorist territory.

                        Having said that, it's pretty obvious that Swalwell hit the nail on the head: Lauren Boebert is more closely aligned with the QAnon terrorists that stormed the Capitol Building than she is with genuine American patriots. Her own words and actions are sufficient evidence for that conclusion.
                        Supporting or defending Donald Trump is such an unforgivable moral failing that it calls every bit of your judgement and character into question. Nothing about you should be trusted if you can look at this man and find redeemable value


                        • Arrested Capitol rioters had guns and bombs, everyday careers and Olympic medals

                          WASHINGTON (Reuters) - United by political grievances, they came in costumes, snapping selfies, calling themselves patriots. Some came armed for battle and planning for "war."

                          As authorities begin to charge the rioters in the Jan. 6 siege of the U.S. Capitol, court documents paint a picture of a diverse mob that included both citizens with mainstream careers - police officers, a flower shop owner, a state lawmaker, military veterans, even an Olympic medalist - as well as Americans on the fringe. One was a member of the Proud Boys, a far-right extremist group. Another had a caveman costume beneath a police bulletproof vest. One served time in prison for attempted murder.

                          They traveled from as far as Hawaii to join the protest of Congress certifying Democrat Joe Biden’s election win, which Republican President Donald Trump has falsely claimed resulted from widespread election fraud. Some brought all manner of weapons or explosives, underscoring the grave threat from an insurrection that resulted in five deaths, including a police officer, and dozens of injuries.

                          Federal prosecutors have said they expect to bring charges against hundreds of people involving the riot and related threats and violence. They had charged about 80 as of Thursday, a Justice Department spokeswoman said. Their task was made much harder by that fact that overwhelmed police initially made few arrests of the hundreds of people who stormed the building - just 14 were detained that day by the U.S. Capitol Police, which guards the building. And yet many suspects made investigators’ and prosecutors’ jobs easy by mugging for news cameras and posting what authorities described as real-time confessions - including videos of themselves - in postings on social media as they pushed their way inside the Capitol, home to the U.S. Congress, according to a Reuters review of court records.

                          David Blair - a Trump supporter who lives in Washington’s suburbs and was charged with attacking a police officer with a stick - came to the Capitol after seeing that it had been overrun by a mob supporting the president because he wanted "to witness history," he told Reuters in a text message. "I ended up still finding a way to get in trouble because I had so much pent-up emotion," he wrote.

                          The initial round of charges do not reflect the full gravity of the siege that paralyzed Congress as members fled for their lives and hid from the mob. Authorities expect more serious charges to follow after more intensive investigations. Washington’s acting U.S. attorney, Michael Sherwin, said Tuesday that he had assembled a team to focus on building sedition and conspiracy cases related to the most "heinous" actions during the siege. Investigators are reviewing communications, along with travel and financial records, to track any coordination or organization among the rioters.

                          "People are going to be shocked with some of the egregious conduct that happened in the Capitol," Sherwin said.

                          SEALED CASES, SCANT DETAILS

                          Authorities have so far offered scant details about the people they charged, and some of the court filings remain sealed.

                          At least some of those arrested in connection with the riots have a history of mental illness. Mark Leffingwell of Seattle, who faces charges for assaulting a police officer, is an Iraq war veteran who suffers from PTSD and traumatic brain injury, his lawyer told a judge. Richard Barnett, photographed sitting in U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office, told the judge he has a history of depressive disorder.

                          Court documents did not show whether Barnett had entered a plea. Barnett’s lawyer, Anthony Siano, declined to comment beyond confirming the details of court proceedings.

                          Lonnie Coffman, a 70-year-old Alabama man arrested for having explosives in his truck, takes multiple drugs for mental illness, his lawyer told the judge in a hearing this week. Coffman pleaded not guilty on Tuesday. His lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.

                          Thomas Robertson, one of two off-duty Virginia police officers charged with entering the Capitol illegally, was more explicit, praising the power of right-wing rioters: "The right IN ONE DAY took the f------ U.S. Capitol. Keep poking us," Robertson wrote on social media, according to the Capitol Police. He boasted that the crowd had "actually attacked the government.” Neither Robertson nor his lawyer could be reached. Court documents did not show whether he had entered a plea.

                          Some suspects apologized after the riot.

                          Blair - the man charged with attacking a police officer with a stick - told an investigator he was "being an idiot, pumped up and didn’t move back. Accept everything. I’m sorry," according to a court filing. Blair pleaded not guilty and said in a text message he "would never, and have never had an intention of assaulting a police officer.” He did not directly answer what he did during the alleged attack and why.

                          PREPARING FOR ‘WAR’

                          Prosecutors say Cleveland Meredith, whose lives in North Carolina, according to his lawyer, loaded his truck and trailer with weapons and headed to Washington, but arrived too late to join the riot. When police searched his truck the next day, they found a high-powered rifle and thousands of rounds of ammunition, including bullets the FBI described as armor-piercing.

                          As Meredith traveled to Washington, someone sent him a text message that Trump supporters had breached the Capitol. "Burn DC to the FKG ground,” he replied, according to court documents. When Meredith learned that Vice President Mike Pence would count electoral votes from states Trump lost, he replied: "War time."

                          FBI agents arrested him the next day in Washington after he sent more menacing texts and head-butted a person on the street, according to court records. Prosecutors urged a judge on Wednesday to keep him locked up while the charges are pending, describing Meredith as "a clearly disturbed, deranged, and dangerous individual that fantasizes about committing horrific acts of violence and takes countless steps to carry them out" and said he appeared ready to act on "extreme political and racial animus."

                          Prosecutors described Meredith as an adherent of the fringe QAnon conspiracy theory, which casts Trump as a savior figure and elite Democrats as a cabal of Satanist pedophiles and cannibals. A judge on Thursday ordered Meredith detained pending trial. His lawyer did not respond to questions about the case.

                          Authorities arrested Coffman of Alabama near the Capitol after noticing the handle of a gun in his pickup truck while they were responding to pipe bombs left outside the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee, both of which are near the Capitol. Inside his truck, they found an AR-15-style rifle, a shotgun, a crossbow, several machetes, smoke grenades and 11 Molotov cocktails. They also found a note with the name of at least one member of Congress and a judge, alongside the notation "bad guy."

                          Prosecutors said the combination of weapons and political messages "suggest that these weapons were intended to be used in an effort to violently attack our elected representatives."

                          A Capitol Police agent said in a court filing that Coffman told the officers who arrested him that he tried to return to his parked truck several times during the day but couldn’t because police had blocked off the area while they investigated the pipe bombs.

                          Others were armed during the riot: A police officer said he noticed a bulge on the hip of Christopher Alberts - who was dressed in body armor and carrying a gas mask - as he filed out of the Capitol grounds, according to court records. When they stopped him, they found a loaded handgun. Alberts’ lawyer did not respond to questions about the case.

                          Two other men, Eric Munchel and Larry Brock, both were photographed inside the Capitol carrying zip ties, commonly used as a handcuff. Prosecutors have not said what either man intended to do with them. Brock is an Air Force veteran who once flew warplanes. Both were charged with being inside the Capitol illegally. Reuters was unable to reach their attorneys.

                          Michael Curzio, arrested at the front of a crowd inside the Capitol, had recently served a prison sentence in Florida for attempted murder. He was released in 2019. Curzio's mother, Vicki Prentiss, told Reuters he went to Washington because "he was excited about going to support Trump.” Curzio was charged with violent entry and disorderly conduct, along with unlawful entry of the Capitol. Curzio’s case was sealed by the court and he could not be reached for comment.

                          CONFESSIONS ON CAMERA

                          Most of the cases filed against rioters so far were for less serious offenses involving being inside the Capitol illegally, and many defendants were released within a day.

                          An FBI agent said in an affidavit that he identified former Olympic swimmer Klete Keller - who has two gold medals and three other medals - inside the Capitol because he was tall, unmasked, and wearing an Olympic patch on the shoulder of his jacket. Reuters was unable to reach Keller, who is charged with unlawfully entering the Capitol. Court documents did not indicate a plea.

                          Nicholas Ochs, head of the Proud Boys' Hawaii chapter, was charged after the FBI said he posted a picture on Twitter of himself smoking a cigarette with the caption "Hello from the Capital lol." Ochs has not yet appeared in court, and court documents did not indicate he had made a plea. He could not be reached for comment.

                          Prosecutors charged Jenny Cudd, a Texas flower shop owner, on Wednesday with unlawfully entering the Capitol, citing a widely viewed social media video in which she laughed and said: "We did break down the, umm, Nancy Pelosi’s office door, and somebody stole her gavel and took a picture sitting in the chair flipping off the camera.” Reuters was unable to reach her.

                          Afterward, the FBI said Cudd appeared in a Facebook video in which she declared she had participated in a "new revolution” and added: "I am proud of my actions, I fucking charged the Capitol today with patriots.”

                          Also charged was Josiah Colt, who authorities said was photographed dropping from the Senate gallery into its floor, one of the riot’s most iconic images, citing a Facebook video that emerged shortly after. "I just got in the Capitol building. I was the first one that hopped down into the chamber,” the man the FBI identified as Colt says in the video, wearing a helmet and breathing heavily. Later he adds: "I don’t know what to do. I’m in downtown D.C. I’m all over the news.”

                          Colt’s lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

                          Derrick Evans, a newly elected state delegate from West Virginia, was charged after he posted a Facebook video of himself entering the Capitol, in which he said: "We’re in, we’re in! Derrick Evans is in the Capitol!” In a public statement on Thursday, Evans’s lawyer, John Bryan, said he "did nothing wrong” and was exercising First Amendment rights.

                          This was more than just fringe lunatics. This was the mainstream Right attacking American democracy, because they prefer the authoritarian neo-fascism of Donald Trump instead.

                          How else are women, gays and brown/black people going to know their proper place?
                          Supporting or defending Donald Trump is such an unforgivable moral failing that it calls every bit of your judgement and character into question. Nothing about you should be trusted if you can look at this man and find redeemable value


                          • Originally posted by TopHatter View Post
                            This was more than just fringe lunatics. This was the mainstream Right attacking American democracy, because they prefer the authoritarian neo-fascism of Donald Trump instead.
                            That's what scares me. Putin, Stalin I can understand. They're brutal but they're efficently brutal. Donal Trump? Why in hell would you follow an incompetent clusterfuck like him?

                            Especially combat veterans. I would have thought if any group knows about leadership, it would be this group. Brutal, hard decisions have to be made at times but this fuck? He doesn't know how to make a decision and carry it out.
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                            • Originally posted by Officer of Engineers View Post
                              That's what scares me. Putin, Stalin I can understand. They're brutal but they're efficently brutal. Donal Trump? Why in hell would you follow an incompetent clusterfuck like him?
                              Because he hates the same people they hate...and he says it loudly, clearly and unashamedly. He's validated their feelings after decades of "political correctness". He's made greed, racism and misogyny great again.
                              Supporting or defending Donald Trump is such an unforgivable moral failing that it calls every bit of your judgement and character into question. Nothing about you should be trusted if you can look at this man and find redeemable value


                              • Lawmakers who conspired with Capitol attackers in legal peril
                                If any members of Congress are proven to have colluded with the rioters, their position likely won't save them from criminal liability.

                                Lawmakers who interacted with the pro-Trump protesters who rioted at the Capitol last week could face criminal charges and will almost certainly come under close scrutiny in the burgeoning federal investigation into the assault, former prosecutors said.

                                “This is incredibly serious,” said Ron Machen, a former U.S. attorney for Washington, D.C. “Although you would need compelling evidence before charging a member of Congress with anything related to the breach of the Capitol that day, this has to be investigated.”

                                Unlike with the president, there’s no Justice Department policyshielding members of Congress from legal accountability while in office.
                                “I’d say those are potentially viable prosecutions,” added Peter Zeidenberg, another former federal prosecutor in Washington. “I’d say those guys should be worried.”
                                The role members of Congress may have played in facilitating the deadly attack drew intense attention this week after Democratic lawmakers alleged that some of their Republican colleagues facilitated tours of the Capitol on January 5 — one day before demonstrators engaged in the assault that terrorized lawmakers, ransacked congressional offices and left as many as five people dead.

                                Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-N.J.) sent a letter Wednesday formally asking the Capitol Police and congressional officials to investigate the tours, which she said were unusual. In a Facebook video, she said the visits amounted to “a reconnaissance of the next day.”

                                “The tours being conducted on Tuesday, January 5, were a noticeable and concerning departure from the procedures in place as of March 2020 that limited the number of visitors to the Capitol,” Sherrill and 33 colleagues wrote. “The visitors encountered by some of the Members of Congress on this letter appeared to be associated with the rally at the White House the following day.”

                                Sherrill suggested that access raised the possibility that the visitors were casing the building for the assault that unfolded the next day.

                                “Members of the group that attacked the Capitol seemed to have an unusually detailed knowledge of the layout of the Capitol Complex,” she wrote. “Given the events of January 6, the ties between these groups inside the Capitol Complex and the attacks on the Capitol need to be investigated.”

                                Justice Department officials have said they are looking for “all actors” who were involved in the Capitol riot. The FBI has also called on the public to turn over evidence on those who “instigated” violence.

                                Asked whether the probe includes potentially complicit lawmakers, a Justice Department spokesperson referred questions to the FBI, which did not respond to a request for comment.

                                The chief organizer of Stop the Steal, one of the groups behind the Jan. 6 protests that ended in a violent assault on the Capitol, has claimed to be working with several Republican members of the House to organize the event. But it remains to be seen whether any coordination ahead of last week’s rally extends to complicity in the storming of Congress.

                                Democrats have raised several potential means for punishing GOP lawmakers who may have been involved in either fomenting or directing the riot — from congressional investigation to criminal sanction.

                                “I hope we understand if there was an inside job — whether it was members or staff or anyone working at the Capitol who helped these attackers better navigate the Capitol — that is going to be investigated,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) said Wednesday on MSNBC. Swalwell has also called out specific GOP lawmakers on Twitter, such as Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), for seeming to disclose House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s movements during the attack.

                                “To hell with the Ethics Committee, these people need to be charged criminally,” Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) said on the same network.

                                The issue even arose during the historic impeachment debate on the House floor, where Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) said some of his colleagues “may well be co-conspirators.”

                                Lawyers with experience prosecuting complex criminal cases said that anyone who helped the rioters survey the Capitol could face grave charges.

                                “It’s deadly serious,” said former federal prosecutor Harry Litman. “It’s kind of like giving troop movements to the enemy.”

                                Litman said he expects investigators to sweep through emails and text messages, looking for indications that anyone who works at the Capitol was coordinating with the plotters. Under criminal law principles, even those with minor roles could be held liable for the worst offenses of the rioters.

                                “Talking it through with them is really conspiracy territory, that means you’re potentially on the hook for everything that’s reasonably foreseeable and, knowing this cast of characters it seems to me that everything from trespassing to use of weapons to incendiary devices is reasonably foreseeable,” Litman said. “If the evidence proves it, they could be on the hook for everything up to seditious conspiracy.”

                                Machen said more evidence needs to be developed but there are hints of a possible case for aiding and abetting the rioters.
                                “If a member of Congress led the insurrectionists around the Capitol the day before the attack and there was compelling evidence of complicity in the breach, if congressional members were actively aiding and abetting people trying to storm the Capitol and disrupt the electoral certification, that’s really as close to being at the heart of a seditious conspiracy charge as you could hope to find,” the ex-U.S. attorney said.

                                Some lawyers have said that inflammatory speeches by President Donald Trump, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) to the crowd that joined in the riot a short time later may be protected by the First Amendment. Fiery speeches are not uncommon at political events and making speakers responsible for all actions taken by audience members could chill public debate, scholars argue.

                                But ex-prosecutors say any criminal case against Trump or lawmakers would not be based solely on the speeches, but on other public and private communications — emails and texts exchanged with organizers and supporters in the days leading up to the rally and on the day of the shocking attack. Investigators will be looking for discussion of a physical assault on the Capitol building and for indications that individual members were specifically targeted.

                                Several experienced attorneys noted that any prosecution of political actors would be brought in Washington and that a local jury is unlikely to be sympathetic to claims that speakers were being colorful and not criminal.

                                “I would guess a jury would not find it very convincing. And these cases are going to be tried in D.C. and the jury isn’t going to buy this,” Zeidenberg said.

                                Investigations of Congress face special challenges. Lawmakers can try to use the Constitution’s speech or debate clause, which gives limited immunity to House members and senators, to prevent investigators from accessing their communications related to their official duties.

                                In 2007, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals sharply criticized prosecutors for their handling of a search of the office of Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.) as part of a corruption probe. The judges said members of Congress are entitled to advance notice of such a search and to review any materials investigators seek to seize.

                                However, Zeidenberg said he’s confident those obstacles can be overcome. “There’s no speech or debate clause that covers text messages with constituents about breaking into the Capitol,” he said.

                                With the number of individuals facing charges now above 70 and still climbing, investigators also might not need to get communications from lawmakers or their offices in the first instance, but can get them from the email accounts and devices of suspected rioters.

                                “The first people to cooperate get the best treatment,” said Joyce Vance, a former U.S. attorney in Alabama. “Once they’ve identified people who went inside, they’re going to want to turn over what they have either because they have nothing to hide or because they want a deal, so it should not be very hard to get those communications.”

                                Some lawyers said the key question may not be whether a jury would convict, but whether Justice Department officials — including Biden’s Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland — decide the evidence of collaboration is strong enough to overcome concerns about intruding on the usual robust protections for free speech.

                                “It’s a big buffer for political speech and that would be a big part of the things Garland will have to look at, but this is like nothing I’ve ever seen from a political leader,” Litman said of Trump’s speech to the rally. “It’s a stronger case than the classic cases where the courts have come down on the political speech side of the equation.”

                                In his speech just before the attack, Trump urged his followers to “fight like hell.” However, Vance said charging the president or ex-president based solely on his comments at the rally would be challenging.

                                “They’re susceptible, standing alone, to an interpretation they are hyperbolic,” she said. “It’s really the course of conduct you’d need sufficient to prove intent to incite. … This is a tough one and I’m not sure it’s a realistic expectation the president of the United States is going to get indicted for sedition absent a real smoking gun showing up.”

                                Trump will get off scot-free from this particular dumpster fire. I have a feeling a few other politicians won't be so lucky. Derrick Evans is a little fish by comparison. When you see United States Representatives being led away in handcuffs, you'll know that this insurrection went far higher than anyone could ever imagine.
                                Supporting or defending Donald Trump is such an unforgivable moral failing that it calls every bit of your judgement and character into question. Nothing about you should be trusted if you can look at this man and find redeemable value