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To Ray, Overview of the PLA's WZC

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  • To Ray, Overview of the PLA's WZC


    This is the outline of my new article that I'm working on.

    The WZC (War Zone Campaign) is currently the operational doctrine the PLA has adopted. It is by far the most radical departure from the People's War in the PLA's history, and employs the most professional forces ever to exist in the PRC.

    The WZC is the Chinese interruptation of the US FM-105, designed to fit Chinese limitations wheras the American doctrine is based upon complete and utter destruction of the enemy's warmakiing capabilities. The Chinese limit themselves to a war zone.

    The PLA believes that the destruction of the enemy force is the primary OPOBJ, not territorial control.

    There are certain characteristics of WZC that would not be found in Western military doctrine. The PLA begins thinking politically and ends thinking politically. The military action is in support of a political goal and the OPOBJ may even be defined politically rather than militarily.

    Before any military action commence, the PLA would have a diplomatic plan to reduce tensions with the enemy and may even null the enemy into a weak position.

    The height of this practise was demonstrated by the Chinese premier Zhou En-Lai during the 62 Sino-Indo War. The premier did more to weaken Indian border defences than any Chinese military move.

    The PLA remains an army centric force. Both air and naval assets are meant to support the army's deciding battle, not to decide the actions themselves. There is very little interaction between the branches. CAS is limited to force interdiction and air support is meant to keep the bad guys' airpower off Chinese bellycrawlers.

    The military actions are defined in three phases, each phase is an escalation of the previous phase but is not dependent on the success of the previous phase.

    Phase 1 - Airborne insert of Ranger type coys to seize LOC junction points, enemy HQs, and recee by force against the bigger enemy echelons

    Phase 2 - Bde (regt+ - ie, a div's Hero Regt with two-thirds of the div's cbt svc and cbt spt) lvl penetration to establish and to isolate the "War Zone."

    Phase 3 - div to corps lvl entry to engage the enemy's main force in a battle of annihilation.

    At this stage, the Chinese have scored their political points and would rather withdraw than to allow any replacement enemy army the chance of vengence.

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    I have downloaded your article. Interesting.

    Yet, when I downloaded the other pages, it came out in either computer language or in Chinese.

    Also on the thread itself it is coming as half letter in some pages; apparently there is some hassle with the HTML designing.

    I am keen on your new article. When you prepare it, do send me a copy on my e mail id. I sure would be delighted.

    What is OBetc and a bellycrawler?
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