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    1RTR as was were on the ranges in castlemartin in Wales , reports are coming in of a poss breech explosion on a chally 2 , unfortunately 2 deaths are reported , more as I get it .And 2 injured



    2 more advance to the green fields .
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    Originally posted by tankie View Post
    1rtr as was were on the ranges in castlemartin in wales , reports are coming in of a poss breech explosion on a chally 2 , unfortunately 2 deaths are reported , more as i get it .and 2 injured

    rip tankies .

    Fear naught .

    2 more advance to the green fields .
    rip. =(


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      Inquiries are ongoing focusing on ammo , Castlemartin is a sea range backdrop and the main ammo is usually prac !! So to my mind its been a faulty bagcharge causing the incident , IMO .

      Tragic. Salute

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        Deeply sorry for the loss of those fine troops and, clearly, your mates separated only by years and equipment but still sharing those same dangers. Propellant is nasty, nasty stuff. Gunnery Sergeant Gun Grape would certainly attest and we likely didn't shoot anything as hot as tank propellant.

        Thing is, anytime you're out training things can become lethal in a heartbeat for any number of reasons. Seemed back in the day, even without a shot fired in anger, we'd lose guys to various training accidents every damned week. Chopper crash here. Crushed ground guide there. Vehicle off a bridge. Horrible.

        God protect them always and comfort with love their families, loves and friends.

        Present Arms!
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          Steve fine words , cheers , its highly unusual for this type of tank incident and to my mind its the only one of its kind ive heard of , the deaths were both cpls one of which was the cmdr and the other 2 crew are both still in hospital , all ammo is now being checked out until the fault is found . Sure enough shit happens thats what we train for , every force every country every soldier sailor airman , when jòining we know what the job entails but we dont expect to die like this inside one of the worlds most feared and best military veh,s which is why we have to wait n see why it happened , aye man shit happens , shit happens , so sad .

          RIP Brothers . MIB Salute .


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            Sincere condolences. I know we Old Soldiers can remember, as Steve says so well, that what we lived was a dangerous business. I lost 2 soldiers as a company commander. Shear accident. But we Soldiered on because we knew there was a job to do...and we were the men to do it!

            I'm sure there's going to be room made by the hearth at Fiddler's Green for those 2 Troopers.
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              A R one of the dead was the cmdr , a cpl who was a well respected guy and a gunnery inst , so i dont think it was any form of bad handling that caused this , however we just have to wait until the cause is revealed , but yes , onwards n upwards .


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                Brave lads, gone too soon! RIP


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                  Cheers m8 , yup too soon both cpls and the other 2 crew r still in the krankhouse , GWS lads .