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Marine detained in Filipino's killing: Navy memo

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  • Marine detained in Filipino's killing: Navy memo

    Pay the tranny to say they have never seen you, and hope your friends are not outside.

    Marine detained in Filipino's killing: Navy memo
    Oct. 12, 2014 - 06:00AM |
    Marine detained in Filipino's killing: Navy memo | Marine Corps Times |
    By Andrew deGrandpre
    Staff writer

    A U.S. Marine is in custody Sunday following the apparent killing of a transgender individual in the Philippines.

    The Marine, whose identity has not been released, is being held on board the amphibious assault ship Peleliu while agents with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service piece together what happened Saturday night at the Celzone Lodge in Olongapo City, according to an internal Navy memo obtained by Marine Corps Times. Local Philippine police also are investigating the matter.

    The Marine is assigned to 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines, out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The infantry unit is deployed to the Philippines as part of a joint training exercise. Three other Marines from the same unit, described as potential witnesses, also have been detained aboard the ship, according to the memo, which was distributed to dozens of senior Navy officials, as well as NCIS and State Department personnel.

    Reached Sunday night, Marine Corps officials at the Pentagon declined to comment and directed Marine Corps Times to the U.S. embassy in Manila. Attempts to reach the embassy were not immediately successful. A spokesman for Marine Corps Forces Pacific in Hawaii also declined to comment.

    Local media in the Philippines broke the story Sunday afternoon. U.S. officials there were bracing for protests as the news spread, the Navy memo indicates.

    The victim was identified as 26-year-old Jeffrey Laude, police told Laude’s body was found just before midnight Saturday and apparently showed signs of strangulation.

    Laude’s friend, who accompanied Laude and “a foreigner” to the hotel, reportedly told police they’d been at a local disco bar. Soon after they arrived at the hotel, Laude became uneasy and asked the friend to leave before “the foreigner could discover that they were transgenders,” reported.

    Thousands of U.S. troops are in the Philippines for PHIBLEX 15, a multinational exercise. The Peleliu is on a port call in Subic Bay that is scheduled through Tuesday, the Navy memo indicates.

    Staff writers David Larter and Gina Harkins contributed to this report.
    To sit down with these men and deal with them as the representatives of an enlightened and civilized people is to deride ones own dignity and to invite the disaster of their treachery - General Matthew Ridgway

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    My condolences to the family.

    This sucks, all around.
    "We are all special cases." - Camus


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      Ah, before the protests start. I'm still wondering when the PNP are going to really look into the solving of several cases of foreigners being murdered several of whom I knew. In reality they don't care and don't lift a finger unless the family pays them.

      So the Marine was out and about in Subic. Wonder where the hell he went in order to run into a bakala. The Marine must have been off the beaten track because most places are typically go go bars of which most I have been in. You gotta learn how to tell what is what over there because bakalas can be very convincing especially if you are drunk. I remember a club in San Francisco, back in 1992, that had a group of bakalas show up every weekend. Dressed to the max. Better hair and makeup than Filipinas. Taller! I watched guys circle around them, some wondering and others asking them to dance. The one big clue they could be bakalas would be that it was too easy for you to get them to leave with you not to mention how they pressed against you when dancing. Always got a kick out of watching that scene although none ever ended up dead.

      From someone I have known since 1997 and owns several bars in Subic

      Details are still sketchy, but it appears a Sailor or Marine left a room at a downtown hotel, and a ladyboy was found dead There is a chance that it's an accident, but it is way too early to tell. The US has restricted all personnel's movements. I'm told everyone at Clark will be confined to the Base as well.

      The local authorities are waiting for Embassy personnel (including NCIS) to arrive to conduct a full investigation.

      There are already protests in Olongapo.

      One has to wonder what this will do to the ongoing military cooperation between the US and the Philippines?

      Our sympathies to the family of the victim.
      One thing for sure there will no longer be liberty in Subic and Angeles now.


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        Happens to many but you gotta stay cool.

        Young x-military guy picked up a Bakla down at Phillies a couple days ago and brought him back here to Daniela's Place for what he thought was some fun. He said he couldn't get him to take off his shorts but of course when he did the truth came out :) After some freaking out he just escorted the Bakla out of the room told him to leave. This guy was 35 beers into a day and half bender and handled it pretty well in my opinion. He even said "man she was beautiful and I took a picture", yep it was a straight a up Bakla but the guy was so drunk he just couldn't see it. Glad no one got hurt but did the Bakla trick him, yeah. Glad this guy didn't freak out and kill the dude. He was able to come down and talk it out with a bunch of us older expats and I just told him shit happens and he wasn't the first nor the last. Just another day in the this Filipino Drama.


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          A link to the Facebook page of the bakala killed. Yep, definitely a bakala.

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            Well things are getting emotional in the Philippines now. My wife, being Filipina, was watching TV Patrol tonight and they spent forever on the story. Meanwhile my wife is yelling stupid at the TV. A lot of politicians looking to ride the coattails of this to higher office which is all they ever aspire to. The higher you go the more you can steal. My wife actually puts the blame on the victim. She feels 1) the victim had a German boyfriend/fiance and he/she is out prostituting, and 2) why do these bakalas/transgenders never tell the guy they are with what the truth is. So she calls the victim stupid and understands why someone could get upset or very upset. She also says the Navy has to get the Marine out of the Philippines because if turned over and put in jail, where any other Filipinos are around, he will be killed before trial. If he did get to trial she already knows he will be convicted despite no hard evidence. Seems the PNP isn't up to date on processing forensic evidence.