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    Originally posted by Gun Grape View Post
    Maybe in the Army. The Navy/Marine Corps drug of choice since the mid 80s has been Motrin.

    When I first enlisted, 1980 there were 2 go-to remedies. If you coughed, Doc hooked you up with Terpin Hydrate. If you ached then it was Tylenol 3 (with codeine).
    Then the urinalysis program started and the Navy figured out that they had a bunch of codeine addicts. After 85 if the Doctor proscribed a narcotic, he had to seen justification to DoN.

    From personal experience

    Early 80s, sprained ankle= Tylenol3 , Bruised ribs= Tylenol3

    Late 80s and beyond. Broke collarbone= 800mg Motrin, All four wisdom teeth extracted at one sitting= Motrin and icepack, Knee surgery=Motrin. Pain during/after a hump=Motrin
    The corpsmen would give it out in ziplock sandwich bags. When I retired, I was taking 6-8 a day. And had been for a few years.

    Should have seen the look on the Air Force Doctors face on my first visit after I retired and went to Tyndall. Trying to get my Vitamin M fix. Especially when I showed him the applicable parts of my med records where a doctor had prescribed that regiment. I'm taking newer drugs, better drugs, safer drugs and they don't do as good as the wonder drug.

    Motrin cures everything.
    Holy moly, doesn't that damage your liver?
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      Originally posted by gunnut View Post
      Holy moly, doesn't that damage your liver?
      Liver ? Whats that?

      During the whole time I was taking those doses, they would pull blood for a liver function test every 6 months.

      No damage at all. I think the alcohol counteracted the damaging effects of the motrin


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        Caught HELL at work because I refuse to rinse my cup.

        1.) Flavor-everybody else there drinks pre-ground crap. Me? Grind espresso fine just before I brew. Nothing but ugly, black, oily French roast.

        2.) Easy to spot wherever it is resting at the moment. Easy to spot by EVERYBODY. Good for me as they usually RUN to let me know I forgot my cup somewhere.

        I'm always grateful and say a polite "thank you".

        3.) Nobody has touched my cup.

        The cup is special. Has printed upon it a recipe for "Cowboy coffee". Almost Army quality. One gallon of water. One pound of coffee. Boil for two hours. Drop in horse shoe. If it sinks, add more coffee and reboil.
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          Motrin is the finest sleeping aid I've ever had and no prescription is required. If my liver wants to kill me it'd have to race with the lung
          All those who are merciful with the cruel will come to be cruel to the merciful.
          -Talmud Kohelet Rabbah, 7:16.