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why do people lie about their military service?

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    Originally posted by Squirrel View Post
    Or this turd just wanted discounts.
    No, it wasn't just the discounts that drove this clown. Take a look at him again - this clown is wider than he is tall, and it isn't from addiction to the gym. Not that there aren't fat guys in the military (some would say I'm one of them - but I've been in over 20 years, this fatty isn't old enough to get away with extra weight), but those guys typically don't get through Ranger school, either.

    No, this guy probably bought his clothes to look bad @ss when he plays airsoft, or dresses up to play video games online and decided that he'd get some admiring looks and special treatment from the uniform.

    Wearing the uniform, in my opinion, takes people up a notch in the way they are viewed by others - right or wrong, I think this is the way it is. So this act gives this d-bag his only notch when out in public.

    Funny how many real military and veterans I know who forget to ask about discounts.
    "Bother", said Poo, chambering another round.


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      Seen this vid on f/b , its gone viral ,,,,,,the flag badge is to low ,,oh , ya got me there bud , ffs warra fkin sad sack o shit . Makes my piss boil when good guys have been killed n walter parades around trying to look hard , UK got its fair share of the cnuts as well .