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    I know among the "Americans" (to include those from both continents in this hemisphere) who post here that there have to be a baseball fan or two. We lost one of the great ones yesterday to cancer, in all likelihood caused by the use of so called "smokeless tobacco," when Tony Gwynn let slip this mortal coil at the age of only 54. Arguably one of the greatest pure hitters of all time, he brought a lot of joy to fans of the game in general, but to those of us who hale from San Diego, California in particular.

    In an era wherein professional athletes chase the bigger paycheck from city to city, Tony took a look around my home town (which is just 100 miles south of his hometown of Long Beach, California) and just sort of said, "It doesn't get any better than this." So he took less money, even though guys like the late George Steinbrenner would have emptied several bank vaults to sign him to a New York Yankees contract, and stayed for "us."

    He was a blue collar guy, and worked hard at his craft, but one of the most amazing things I've come to realize since I heard the news of his death is the amount of personal time he spent just chatting with total strangers who just walked up to him, invaded his privacy, etc., etc., etc., and he never failed to share his time, his smile, and his infectious laugh with them. Unlike a lot of professional athletes, he didn't forget his roots and the fact that he was just a regular guy who was blessed to be able to play a child's game for a living over a 20 year career, again, all with the same organization. There may not be any real loyalty in professional sports, but Tony Gwynn was indeed the exception that proved the rule.

    I know there is a Divine plan out there, and apologies to the many good Christians, and other people of faith, regardless of their belief system I know who post here, but I'm not Job and sometimes, I get really angry with God, and just want to scream, "Please, can't You leave one of the good ones here just a little longer?!!" This is definitely one of those times.

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    The Field of Dreams just picked up one hell of a damn good lead off hitter!
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      Great ballplayer. Great citizen of San Diego. Still holds SDSU's record for basketball assists and was drafted by the NBA.

      Great loss to any baseball fan. My prayers to his family and friends and God speed Tony safe to the eternal field of dreams.
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