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Staff Sgt Bales - Life without parole

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    Along with an ID tag that can't be removed and a sign describing what he did.

    Damn, where's Whiskey with his elaborate and detailed punishments.....
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      Maybe I'm the only one who feels sorry for this guy. If he truly was suffering from PTSD and it wasn't some lawyering-up, he should have been sent to a mental facility instead. A person with PTSD incarcerated in a military prison will go nuts in short order.

      My friend, a US Vietnam vet who later served in the FBI (and still doing some auditing after he retired!) gave me quite a shock when he told me he had to stop playing a game as it was a trigger. Apparently his grandkids (and kids) play, but he abstains. After 40 odd years and therapy...


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        Originally posted by YellowFever View Post
        locking him up in a prison like this is inhumane...

        We should let him go.

        Just drop him off somewhere in the Kandahar province without a gun.
        Cruella de'ville huh :whome:


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          Yes, and with sharper nails.


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            Another one that should hang at dawn and buried somewhere over there in a latrene ditch.

            Why our tax money goes to keep POS 's like this and others alive and another "lifetime" taxpayer welfare bill is well beyond me.
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              Originally posted by Minskaya View Post
              I would prefer the gallows, but the govt prosecutors accepted a plea bargain. The military jury gave him the harshest sentence possible under the deal.
              Either that or turn him over to the Afghans.