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Female Marine convicted

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  • Female Marine convicted

    Adultery conviction for female Marine Page 1 of 2 |

    In my humble opinion, neither party is totally innocent.

    What intrigues me is how in the hell did this petite little package (4'10" 93 pounds) manage to become a Devil Dog?

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    "The woman is not being named because she reported the encounter as a sexual assault." But it has already been determined it was not a sexual assault. The American justice system stumps me.


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      Originally posted by chanjyj View Post
      The American justice system stumps me.
      Try the UK one , we cant even deport a wanted terrorist to Jordan , because of human rights , a fungus faced turd abu cuntada living here on fkin welfare , the smirkin twat .

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        Based on what was written in the article it sounds like it was determined that the other NCO she had her fling with was determined to not have committed sexual assault because there would have been no way to actually prove it, not because he didn't have sex with a woman who was to drunk to actually be provide legal consent. Now the fact he had been drinking as well, and that she may have been a willing partner doesn't really play into weather or not it was legal.

        The way the american courts view things at this time if either of you or both of you are to drunk to consent to any other type of contract or activity, then you aren't able to consent to sex. Now this is clouded by the fact that people often get drunk and have sex, and the two of them are both generally ok with it. Also people in an ongoing sexual relationship are also somewhat assumed to have implied consent.

        This being the case in sexual assault especially he/said she said sexual assault it is often left to prosecution discretion... The a prosecution member is quoted in the article as saying there was no way she would have legally been able to consent but they chose not to prosecute since the sexual assault was mutual and there was no benefit to anyone for prosecuting the NCO she had sex with. They were also very incredulous of the idea he wasn't aware that she was married but didn't prosecute him for adultery either because once again no real benefit to the force or anyone else in prosecuting him.


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          Just as a professional aside:
          On Wednesday, the military’s chief toxicologist testified that the woman’s blood alcohol content may have been about 0.4 percent, enough to make an average person unconscious and potentially in a coma.
          ... which, being able to still move, would have certified her as a seasoned alcoholic with serious abuse problems, which in itself would be detrimental to her career (and her marriage).

          As a separate aside:
          the 93-pound, 4-foot 10-inch woman
          ...would be about four inches too small (six inches if she worked the physical side of logistics) and her BMI just barely scratching the minimum mark for joining any armed forces over here.