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People of the WAB, I have returned!

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  • People of the WAB, I have returned!

    Not sure if my ~2 month absence from the internet was noted, but I've just come back from an all-expenses-paid vacation to sunny RTC Great Lakes (disclaimer: sun not included) and am now - according to the Navy - a 'smartly disciplined, physically fit, basically trained sailor'.

    Still working on getting caught up as far as news goes; seems like times have been interesting!
    "Nature abhors a moron." - H.L. Mencken

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    Welcome back, mate!

    So, what are you doing with yourself nowadays?
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      I KNEW there was something missing from the WAB, I just couldn't put my finger on it; now I know!
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        Welcome back !!! :)


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          Welcome home to WABBITville and the WABBITS. Congratulations to you! To what training unit were you assigned? What's your rating and specialty now? How was life at Navy boot camp?

          Tell us more, sailor. That's an order.;)
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            Welcome back ashore Genosaurer :)


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              Welcome back, Squid!
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                Thanks folks.

                Originally posted by S-2 View Post
                To what training unit were you assigned? What's your rating and specialty now? How was life at Navy boot camp?

                Tell us more, sailor. That's an order.;)
                Happy to!

                I went through with Division 049 in Ship 07 (USS Chicago), arrived 11/16 of last year and left 1/22. We started with 86 recruits, 71 graduated with us.

                I signed my contract for Nuclear Field when I enlisted (NF/GEN); around week five there was a day when everyone put in a 'dream sheet' listing their preferences as far as rating/sub-rating/specialty. I put Electronics Technician (ET) as my first choice and got it, so now I'm here at NNPTC in South Carolina - where the weather is far nicer than it was in Illinois - getting ready to start Nuclear Field "A" School.

                How was boot camp? Well, I'm glad I did it now that it's done, but I certainly didn't enjoy it while I was there. I was honestly pretty terrible at most things they emphasized during the day-to-day routine at RTC (folding and stowing, PT, military drill, etc.), and the things I was good at resulted in a huge amount of extra work for me (because I had good handwriting and basic literary competence I was volun-told that I wanted to be division Yeoman, which is possibly the worst recruit staff job aside from Starboard Watch Section Leader, and also got me tagged as someone who could stand roving watch unsupervised - i.e. at night - so I was doing that every other day some weeks as well). It wasn't all bad, though. There were parts that I enjoyed too. Battle Stations 21 was awesome and worth the undoubtedly outrageous amount of taxpayer money it took to build. Live fire, firefighting and swimming were all fun. And I was getting paid the whole time (as an E-3 no less) I was folding and ironing my underwear, so I suppose I can't complain too loudly.
                "Nature abhors a moron." - H.L. Mencken


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                  Pipe him aboard.